Kmart looped store music 1980s and 1990s


Ever work in a Kmart store in the 1980s and 1990s? If you did, prepare to be amazed (and driven clear out of your mind). Below is the digitized version of an in-store cassette tape that was played within all Kmart stores of that era.

Says Tape-A-Thon:"I worked at Kmart between 1989 and 1999 and held onto them with the hopes that they would be of use some day. Enjoy!"

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I remember Police Every Breathe I take was probably the most common store music, it was on constantly and incessantly throughou the out the 80's.

Jaden Rintharamy 

Is it me or is ocean state job a lot like Kmart

Ocean state job lot has taken many kmarts in my hometown

Royal King Kyle 



loki hulgaard 


a characterization of the JOGbot slave

Jack Son 

Attention Kmart shoppers, there's a blue light special going on right now in electronics! It's our store music on cassette tape! For the next hour you can find your own version of our store music! Act fast, when it's gone, it's gone! Thank you for shopping your youtube Kmart!

Sofia Piuzzi 

I feel like vaporwave and 80´s ambiental music just brings out the best of people. Like this small, nostalgic group of people wanting the dreamy part of an extincted era, wanting to bring back the magic and in a way, bringing it back within themselves. I personally feel like wanting to be better, kinder, and for the tone of the comments section (that is so rude and violent often in this platform) I see that most of you do, too.

Ian V. Raybeck 

I honestly kinda wish stores would still play this style of Muzak over the loudspeakers. Hearing pop hits, old or new, just doesn’t deliver the right experience, in my opinion.

Gussy The Cat 

How did I end up here?

Samantha Donaldson 

I swear, I remember hearing this.

big supreme 

Some of this sounds familiar, but I can't put my finger on why. I didn't even exist during the 80s/90s either.

missing hours 

sounds like the soundtrack for a john holmes vhs p0rn


I love 1:02:19


If anyone wants the full quality version of the first track, I have it on my channel, direct from a vinyl rip. Thumbs this up so people can see!

the real sponge bob 

Now kmart is dying. Nobody shops there.

Rene Huber 

love that tape glitch at 39:22 <3

Kelly Donahue 

Cleanup in aisle 4. Lol I worked at Kmart for a time. I hated it but the music was actually pretty cool.

milton gulick 

Only two stores I was sad when they close was Builders Square and funcoland

milton gulick 

The very first song I would like that played today Meijer store

Connor Vermont Winters 

Poor people shop here......ewww. Cheap, but better than Wallyworld!

Connor Vermont Winters 

Stupid LOL

Royal King Kyle 

Does anyone know the name of the first song?


song at 47:47 ?

Honey! Where is my super suit? 

I wasn't even born in the 1900's... Though I can't complain, their music is way better than the bs now, I don't mean the K-Mart music, I mean most of the 80's music. xP

** I don't even live in the US **

Lionroar 7 

The first song is Barry Manilow's I Made It Through The Rain

Lord Joch 

M O M M Y C A N W E P L E A S E G E T T H I S P L E A S E ?


-wipes a lonely tear from cheek

I've found you at last


Thanks for this and wow I really love the song starting at 36:17 - what is that?

L D 

Man I haven't thought about Kmart in a long time. Last time I went to one had to of been around 1997 or so. Thanks for the nostalgia.


play this at .75 speed for the best music to fall asleep to


need to fix the mono into stereo. poor upload.

Gameboy x64 

Y O U K N O W W H Y Y O U A R E H E R E . . .


don't give us on baby ... we can still come through .. the angel and the dreamer .. who sometimes plays a fool


15:00 sonic 2 ?


B l u e L i g h t S p e c i a l . . .

The trash can of hopes & dreams 

Shoppers stoically wait in certain areas of the store for the announcer to reveal some generous blue light deals that will help their wallet survive the week. A child plays with their new and shiny Ghostbusters action figure around the grey linoleum aisles of the toy section, with a fashion conscious mother looking at intriguing high heel shoes she can buy nearby. Employees converse about the wonders of the relieving weekend, with hunting being talked about in descriptive detail.


This convinced me that 2000 is not a good time to be born

mufo zomby 

casey anthoneys cd was a hit in 1999 and now oj siimpson will have one soon .. look at kmart in augast 2017




I like how they mix easy listening remixes with actual artists.

I really like the song at 24:46

fern Haloo 

Vaporwave..Schmaporwave...THIs is da S#it!!!


reminder for self in future: muzak version of "what a fool believes" by the doobie brothers at 21:09

Quantitative Hotdog 

this is so much golden sample material I don't even know where to begin

Adam Adkins 

Stores only play radio stations now. I wanna hear some muzak


music was so better and upbeat back then, I miss hearing this and going the shopping malls😢

YT is ass 

I skipped to 17:00 and thought Kmart was talking to me, one last plea to stay open.


My ex worked in the home improvement section of Kmart from '84 - '96. I wonder of he would remember any of these tunes. Not all of these are muzak. There are a couple vocal tunes that aren't.


This is magic

Aja TheAsianBeatle 

what is the song starting at 4:26

Bombastic Buster 

My wife of 25 yrs worked for kmart during this time frame , summers of 89 thru 92. This brings back memories of several stores that had variety, quality, and made in usa! Before the Walfart behemoth took breath. Walmart in these days were fun to go to as well. , no super whatever, the environment became super hard to find crap, super tough to find assistance, super impossible to find quality items. super amounts of one type, kind of item instead of choice. Oh well, Amazon has literally taken over the planet. First by land, now the skies, whats next? oh, space of course. In orbit adverts at 300 nautical miles above your suburb!!!


Could Kmart's future lie in North Korea?