Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: Braig Boss Fight (PS3 1080p)

Guest one 

Is it me or Braig looks like Xigbar


"if only i had a keyblade.."


He’s always been one of my favorite characters I’ve always wanted him to be a bit more important. And holy shit after playing kh3 I was so surprised to see who he actually is.

levi simpson 

Are you a real villain?


Dontcha mean Luxu????

Cory Raymond 

Need to replay the old games. Though I don't think I'll get to much out KH2. While in Birth by Sleep, he is practically Xehanort's right hand man. ( Unless we are counting Vanitas. )

Erick Azpeitia 

I come from the future, Xigbar is LUXU!!!!!

Thiên Phúc Nguyễn Đình 

Now that I think of it, "Braig" is the only one out of the only member of the Organization to possess unusual abilities as a "somebody".

Kou Thao 

Its funny cause xehanort thought he was manipulating xigbar BUT IN REALITY xigbar was manipulating him.

Glade Fuller 

Man! He sounds like a 30 year old douche with a skateboard!

El Imperio de Lalo 

Only disappointing thing of this fight: "Black Powder" instead of "13th Dilemma"


so this man is Xigbar?

Gabriel Lopez 

Xigbar could have fucked him up if he wanted too


"Heh. I mean, What's a little scratch on my face, huh? All things considered." OOF

Ender_Kills FTW 

You mean Luxu? 😂

Desolo Zantas 

Terra: Ok I believe you!


It’s funny that the major antagonist of the series is tied up like a little bitch.

gamingmovieknight knight 

Ok for a moment i thought this was a mod to have Robbie Rotten be a villain because it almost looked like him on the thumbnail


I honestly mistook Braig for Robbie Rotten at first on the thumbnail.

Jorge Rodriguez 

Why didnt they use this Master Xehanort voice in KH3

Zandrick Krowe 

“I can See you...” MoM is that you? Lol


“What’s a little scratch on my face, all things considered”

Anime Process 

I wonder when did Luxu take over Xigbar’s body ? When was the start of him being possessed ?

Guilty crown 

That's not braig

PC Fost 

Its so weird knowingly who Xigbar is and looking at the past. It’s makes much more sense.

George George 

did master xehanort know he is luxu??? and he just didnt see him as a threat? I don't understand the story much..

The Nameless King 

Anyone think it’s funny that he shoots him knowing it won’t hurt him

Swison Padiyalingam 

Wasn't Xigbar just a normal human at this point? Like how did he really have the power to teleport and float upside down like that in this game?

Mslink 333 

How is braig difficult Hahaha Just reflect hahahaha

Taylor Bee 

The second exchange of the video

Oh my God lol


Well, now we know why Xiggy wants a keyblade

Goerge Bobicles 

Y is it that i never see anyone at least attempt to deflect the arrows back? Its one of the more effective ways when dealing with braig/xigbar's bs


Riku is Basically What Xehanort described: A Balance. Terra leaked a bit too much rage, and xehanort went ham on that darkness

emanuel mendoza 

Damn, Now I just see Luxu


Luxu u son of a gun


No one's asking the important question I see. Then I'll do it: Are the brown eyes from Braig or Luxu?

Robert TL 

Braig, xigbar, and now he is.... Luxu

Jack Thornberry 

Who would've thought😬😤🤭

hadrien nogueira 

Braig is such a luxurious guy

Role Model 

I still wanna know how Luxu knew he was going to get No Name back 😭

Cam Cirby 

Luxu how long have you been manipulating these events to happen?

Daniel Morales 

Hey it's Luxu.


Xigbar saw that key in his face and thought, "Hello beautiful, just a little longer."

Mahmoud Radwan 

"They call me Xigbar now but hey, whatever suits you."

Jeremy :v 



Someone here after pass KH3? mind blown

Kenny Guye 

Sneaky luxu, stayin close to no name keyblade:p

Simone Corcione 

Braig is luxu

Juan Ernesto Rodriguez 

Xehanort voiced by Leonard Nemoy who played Spock in the Star Trek series

Eraqus voiced by Mark Hamill who played Luke in the Star Wars og trilogy

A nice little contrast there


Who else is back here after seeing KH3 ending?