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Hero raises 2 limpers from the BB with KQ, and as expected gets at least 1 caller. But what line is best when the flop comes 654 and we’re OOP against a fishy opponent? SplitSuit uses Flopzilla and simple planning to create the best line. This video is perfect if you CB 100% of the time!



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Thomas Minder 


jerry martin 

Why fold you razed you shud call see WAt happens next. Then call agen. Donk out big or all in first on rive.


Just curious, why dont you assign villain a range that includes AXs, I see players like this calling raises PF with A2-9s all the time


Awesome! Thanks again SplitSuit and Poker Bank!


Stop saying "fish"


Question for The Awesome Poker bank. what's the best line for playing 66-JJ, KQ, AQ, AJ, KJs medium strong hands in the blinds vs 2+ limpers Preflop?

Many time I found myself missed the board like in the video, out of position. And I have to either check fold or cbet called give up.  Is 3betting those hands out of position a long term + EV move?

Noecna Multimédia 

what about vs good aggro tags? say we open CO KQ he cold calls us on BTN, flop comes 456r? hero?


cool study hand :) thank you for always showing the math behind hands.

Eli Ozaeta 

I would fire with the K of hearts then gain on any heart or A

Siim Haas 

I almost thought that he was eventually going to do something silly and raise.

Thanks for choosing this type of hand to review and maybe you could review those correctly played hands more. Specially those kind of hands where opponent is known or the thought process is deep(whether catching bluffs or making big folds).

Darcy Lindzon 

I understand a lot of players would C-bet this board. I might consider the C-bet if either of the cards were a heart. It's nice to have some sort of back door.

I essentially completely agree with this analysis. The only thing I differ slightly with, is the range assigned to villain.

With lots of fish I'd figure that there is a pretty good chance of calling the limp with a crappy Ace and then not being able to fold it at the 2-1 price.

So, I would have included a few Ax hands. Any Ace/2-8, would have meant at least a gut-shot, or a pair, or an open ended draw on this flop. So, almost all Ax hands are likely to continue.

And, of course some of those might be suited Aces, so, obviously if it were suited in hearts this could get ugly if Hero hits the K or Q of hearts.