Kids Clearance Clothing Haul


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Krystal Ventura 

I definitely need to take your shopping tips with me next time I go out. You always find the cutest things for some mega deals! Julianna and I love watching you! 💜

Bella C 

Yes haul pls!

Susie Sanchez 

I agree with you with the characters lol Alyssa is only two so she’ll still sometimes get stuff like that but I usually just like plain stuff


Love all of addys stuff great syle I got my daughter the white sweater 2 weeks ago for $20 🙈 Do you know if they have online sales?

Courtney Molina 

What store did u go to for Easton

kandfam 1 

I also been getting my little one clothes from target from the clearance section!! They do have great deals and yes for a emery haul!!! ❤

nani Cebrero 

Yes for en emery haul 💕

Josephine Maldonado 

Yes emery’s haul!!!!

martha soto 

Yes to Emery's hual!!!