Katz's Delicatessen New York: Best Pastrami and Reuben Sandwich in the World!


Katz's Delicatessen New York: Best Pastrami in the World! Pastrami and Fake Orgasms go hand in hand at the most famous delicatessen in the world Katz’s Deli as cameoed in the 1989 romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally. They make a great pastrami sandwich and have built their reputation purely on quality, longevity was inevitable. It's how they prepare it, cure it, cook it and slice it. It was started in 1888 yes more than a century ago as a small deli by the name of Iceland Brothers which was then changed to Iceland and Katz when Willy Katz joined the business in 1903 and then formally Katz’s Delicatessen in 1910 when the Kat’s bought out the Iceland Brothers. Eventually in 1988 without any heirs the remaining family members sold the business to restauranteur Martin Dell and currently his son Jake runs the business. Each day this legendary deli serves as many as 4000 visitors from around the world who get to feast on pastrami, corned beef, brisket on a different level. There are...

BBD Design 

Note: Cash only. Bouncers at the door. Overpriced salty sandwiches.

Tourists looking helpless.

Stay classy New York.

Rodney Griner 

Why not get a sanwitch for the kids instead of them watching you wondering.


I thought London was expensive.. I tried the pastrami on bagel there for around $10.. so surprised Katz’s on a rye bread is double the price!!!

Ivette V 

I lived on the Lower East Side, my entire life! I remeber when Kats where 10.50 a sandwhich, then 15.00 now it's 24.00 and there's only half the meat they once put! This place is obviously a tourist attraction, ridiculously over prices and if you don't tip the butcher, well they hold back on the meat! Always make sure to give a dollar or two, so u can have a decent ass sandwich!

Jeffrey Salvador 

Overpriced and hyped

Nimesh Shah 

Katz sandwich in Toronto is 10 bux

John Gore 

Montreal smoked meat (Schwartz s)blows away New York pastrami every time. Always the best in the world

Haro 73 

GREAT Video !!

Lorenzo Kartum 

Money printing machine

Ruthless Yankee Farang Z900 

Sorry but I am not waiting in a massive line I don't care how good the sandwich is.

Veego von DOOM- Reviews! 

$23 💀

michael stuart 

Oh they look so good, but $44.90 for lunch. As a disabled vet, I might be able to eat here once every three months.

Carol Wood 

No way would i pay over US$20 for any sandwich (no matter which restaurant is serving it!)...I'm currently making pastrami at home using my instant pot! I'll let you know how scrummy it is later...;)

Lior Nachmias 

Still looks very expensive for what you actually get.

colonel blake 

the whole concept of a great deli is cheap prices for great food...this is extremely expensive for great food. way overcharged. 4$ for a half reuben id pay.

Colby Powell 

Mehhh it was ok


Yeah sure... say that to sarajevo

David Phelan 

I wish I was an NYC Jew. Why were all of the Jews off work from the towers on 911? Why were Israeli Musaad agent dancing on top of a van watching the buildings collapse on 911? Was it they were happy that the US would be drawn into a war in the Middle East to take the heat off of Israel?

Adam Stehley 

hold up $21 for a sandwich nah fam

Marvin Martian 

American Bullshit. Pastrami is Romanian not so refined. Smoked Meat deli sandwich is the best & it is from Montréal.Québec,Canada from 'SCHWARTZ' The real one is Jewish kasher not Romanian whatever.

Joe Young 

Togo's makes a better pastrami sandwich!

Joe Young 

That meat being cut that thick looks nasty as fuck. I like my pastrami shaved.


So, what I learned: If I lose my ticket, just leave and go get a great Cuban down the street for 1/4 of the price?

Gregory 777 

Что это?



steve bewley 

owned by jews , cooked by Mexicans, just like most places here in L.A.,,HOW is this place even called a DELLI ?


А лица у посетителей озлобленые. Взгляды такие что кажется ты попал в центр криминальной сходки.

Barzan Marangoz 


Carr Rexx 

Uh, I'll have a pimento olive on a toothpick and a Yohoo.....$15.00! Marone! 😨

Alvaro Sudario 

OMI i think Katz is okay. Didn't like the fact they gave me attitude because i ask them politely to lightly toast my rey bread and told me they don't toast their breads. wtf?


if i visit new york t, id totally head to katz.

noah rowsell 

Impractical jokers filmed a challenge here

mark schubert 

that's fkn crazy, cant wait to NEVER go to this place .......................


Paying the fine is probably cheaper than paying for the meal

Joseph Compnotta 

You mean to tell me that he took the Kraut out of the microwave? ! HUH no!

chic costine 

50 dollar fine you kidding me

NoturAvg Dude 

4:00 lol someone tipped 50 dollars... Just for cutting meat. I tip people, but I wouldn't tip 50 for that bs. You don't see us tipping butchers??

Stevie Saint Anko 

You’re a good man and you treat your family well. Thanks for posting and not being afraid to spend a little money on them for a unique experience. Is the WWII poster ‘Send a salami to your boy in the Army’ still up?

Jon Rothenbusch 

There are hundreds of places in NYC that have better pastrami than Katz's, at one third the price!

Walk The World 

Looks good but $20?!

Mark Bigeloe 

NY airport prices. Micro-waved cheese?


Holy Reuben thank you


Looks like a tourist trap. No sandwich is worth that much.

Nick Beard 


Scot Elliott 

Great choice my friend. Katz's is amazing

Mike Corleone 

ahh, I wouldn't say best

I'd say, very good

Matt C 

For everyone saying $22 is too expensive, I'd suggest sticking with Denny's.... Lol

Kip William 

Poor unfriendly service, over priced crap, basically a tourist trap. The tip jars are beyond tacky.

sean norris 

I could have made 10 sandwiches in the time it took this guy! Get a move on brother


Man I luv NYC!!!