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According to Pew Internet, over 56 percent of Americans have a smart phone. And as our phones get faster and more connected, we're using them for more things like shopping and banking. But that means we're leaving important personal data on them that can be found by viruses or malware. What smart phone owners need, especially Android users, is powerful and intelligent protection for their mobile device. So we tried and tested Kaspersky's Internet Security for Android and we're thoroughly impressed. The app protects your device from spam, computer viruses, and spyware, but also from theft and unknown users. For example, say someone steals your phone. You can find where the phone is on Google maps and take a mugshot of the person using it with the front-facing camera. You can even turn on an alarm that cannot be turned off so you can hear it when you're within earshot. They also have a privacy protection function that can hide text messages, ...

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one of very disturbing feature "self-defense" is popping up every time, so cant proceed on android!! any suggestion??


Kaspersky is the only program that will detect the Government hacking tools on your PC and phone (FinFisher, Vupen & Hacking Team products).  Compared to avast, avg and mcafee, Kaspersky is WAY AHEAD.