Kaleo: Vor í Vaglaskógi (Guitar Cover + Tutorial)



Hi guys, finally, I created a tutorial of "Vor í Vanglaskógi" by Kaleo. This music is so beautiful and very rewarding to play. I hope you will enjoy it at least as much as I do. Have fun!

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The faces this guy makes when he’s playing is looks like the face a cartoon dog makes when it smells cookies

Steven H 

all you did was say "play this shape" but i cant even see what fingering it is, nor a name

Steven H 

wayyyy toooooo fast smh


Thank you so much for this !

I really love your english accent... May I ask you where you come from ?

Lisa F 

Well, I have a new goal now! Thank you so much for sharing!

Baba orum 

well done and beautifull! I've joined the website and didn't find the sheet music!?

Tony Lowe 

Legend! Thanks for this


you have beautiful touch and great clean expression. You would sound amazing on a Martin guitar...The lesson is great too, thanks for doing it!

Simon Marcell 


poop alover 

He getting finished off below that camera?

Théo rol 

You should be continue the music... It was so beautiful


I could play the intro all day. Just beautiful. Thanks for the lesson!


Love this song so much! Great lesson

Heidy Malacara 

Can I use this for a cover please? I'll give you credits you are amazing. It would be like signing with you haha

Amal Castle 

Great cover. Thank you for choosing this band, they're very underrated.

Nils Nils 

Please continue with such great tutorials!!



Krzysztof K 

You have got one more sub. Excellent tutorial and beautiful song (I started to listen Kaleo because of this one, half year ago), and now I can also play it because of you. Thanks a lot man!


your face in this is a meme <3

Agustin Di Ascenzi 

Amazing dude, really 🎸 🎸

Ellen Cathrine Jørgensen 

This is wonderful - thank you so much :) I've joined your website and have printed out the sheet music - have been having so much fun playing it. Just discovered Kaleo a short time ago and every time I listened to this song I thought to myself that I would love to try to play it on my classical guitar but that it was probably too difficult. It's actually easier than I feared but there are some parts that I'll need to practice quite a lot ;) Thank you again - I look forward to more of your tutorials :)


what the fuck is wrong with your face

Timo Helfer 

I think in stroke 28 (06:55) there's an error in the video and also in the pdf. The first finger stays longer on 1 after the hammeron then noted.

H: 0-1----1-------0-------

G: ------0-------------0----

Regards - Timo

Darth Station 

Really cool video, thank you. Extra thumbs up for the constant orgasm face.

Tomer Shay 

I am literally going to try publish this among everyone I know and love Kaleo. you should have more subs.

King Peter 

that shit eating grin, I can only imagine you with that same face as your intimate friends searches for your prostate but you don't want to tell them you don't like it nor that you actually secretly like it and that you would want them to go fucking balls deep looking for the fucking chamber of secret and that lost plastic figurine you shoved up their once when you were 16 experiment with your sexuality.

If you actually read this, Pleases disregard, but that grin is funny, and you should find a better way to explain the picking, I had the mute the sound not to fucking get confused.

Emma Bratland 

Love it! Thanks alot :)


I think I found the perfect song for you to do! Its a new beautiful finger picking song from Kaleo called "I Want More". Here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/9uCzRO5I6Vk

If you mad a tutorial on this one it would be amazing!

Gabriela Sz 

Immediately subbed <3

Dimitris Zampetas 

What's the tempo?


I feel this song, got the same look at my face when i listen to it. so amazing!

doğa b 

Kvöldið er okkar og vor um Vaglaskóg

Við skulum tjalda í grænum berjamó

Leiddu mig vinur í lundinn frá í gær

Lindin þar niðar og birkihríslan grær

Leikur í ljósum lokkum og angandi rósum

Leikur í ljósum lokkum hinn vaggandi blær

Dagperlur glitra um dalinn færist ró

Draumar þess rætast sem gistir Vaglaskóg

Kveldrauðu skini á krækilyngið slær

Kyrrðin er friðandi, mild og angurvær

Leikur í ljósum lokkum og angandi rósum

Leikur í ljósum lokkum hinn vaggandi blær

Leikur í ljósum lokkum og angandi rósum

Leikur í ljósum lokkum hinn vaggandi blær

Lokkum hinn vaggandi blær

Rémi Chevallier 

That's a great work!!! Why don't you have more subs??? I don't understand... at least you have one more now 👌👌

Chad_ Robbo44 


Guðjón Kvaran 

I just want to look at you play this song from A-B :) amazing


Great tutorial! This song is beautiful thank you. I can’t really tell what you’re doing for the A minor 7 at 7:30 the picking pattern is hard for me to pick up and what’s the chord that follows immediately after?

Aditya Nugraha Utama 

thanks dude, now i can play this song cuz u.

Atja Imamovic 

just subscribed!! i learned the first part of this song and couldn't find a tab for the rest and icant play by ear so thanks a bunch!


Incredibly beautiful.


I've been waiting for a tutorial on this song for months now! Thank you so much!!

Zbeub zbeub 

Great work, but you should slow down, you go too fast when it comes to little changes during the music and that's exactly where you need to explain it slowy and carefully

Ирина Крылова 

Я не умею играть на гитаре, никогда этого не делала раньше, но, может, однажды, и я смогу, благодаря этому видео. Спасибо большое за Вашу работу!

Garðar Björgvinsson 

Fantastic video! I love that you make so many videos about Kaleo songs

Алмаз Техас 

Yesssssssssss yeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssss omg yes

Taro Gent 

This is amazing, I've always been unable to follow Kaleo tabs, and honestly you should have WAY more subs, your content is amazing. consider doing a video for 'Broken bones' or 'Bang bang' ?

Madi Bek 

Thank you very much!


I've only found tabs for the intro of this song before you posted this video so thank you so much! Now I can learn the whole song!