Kahoot! for businesses: add kahoot to team space


In Kahoot! for businesses, you can collaborate on games with your colleagues in a shared team space. Get started at kahoot.com/businesses!

Create some great kahoots together with your team in Kahoot! for businesses! Here's how:

1. Log in to Kahoot! for businesses

2. Click the Create button in the top navigation bar

3. Choose the type of kahoot you want to create. Most commonly, a kahoot is a multiple-choice quiz

4. Fill in the details for the kahoot and add a cover image

5. Choose your team’s name in the Visible to dropdown. The kahoot will be shared in your team space. Continue creating your kahoot by adding questions. When you’re done adding questions, click Save.

6. Let’s find your kahoot in the team space... Click Kahoots, then your team’s name on the left-hand side... There it is!

7. You can also move one of your personal kahoots to the team space and brand it. Go to My Kahoots, toggle the visibility settings to move the kahoot to your team space - here it is, in the team space...

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*Kahoot!* is the Best app I ever Downloaded!


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