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After K.C. upsets Marisa, she gives her a truth serum so that Marisa can be honest with her. Let the truth speak...

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K.C. Undercover

If you think K.C. Cooper is just a regular high-school student? THINK AGAIN!

Not only is she a complete math whiz that can absolutely kick butt thanks to her black-belt in karate, but it turns out her parents are master spies 🕵! Before she knows it, K.C. is recruited into the secret government agency: The Organization – crazy right.

The Organisation aren’t strangers to trouble and the adventures come thick and fast! Although K.C. is fu...

Jonathan Wilson 

I miss you z from your brother Jonathan 💖😘😍 love you

Victor Sejane 

immediately thought of my best mate when I saw this. funny enough I was about to change the channel (lil sis was watching) but I fell in love with this scene

Morris Pappert 


Isaiah Vasquez 

She looks like she means it

ᅳ zen 

Wholesome friendship 💓😿💗💘

Love rainbows Puppys 

The worst part is you inspire me!😂

L Jdj 

They are in looooveeee

Josephine Chen 

Wow maraissa

Laura Masedi 

I love Her😂😂😂

Ian Alty 

Do you know Zendaya known as k.c is on greatest showman lives in new york

mysterious 1* 

I am still not done with you!.😂😂😂

Lagi Brown 

This is so funny 😂

marta Lis 

Definitely words of hurt

Angie Rizk 

Hey zendaya 😂😂😂

Lovielia Williams 

I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ kc

Jennifer Simpson 

i love kc

Jyoti Singh 

Truth'doesn't hurt much

Zayda Weldon 


Frances Wotton10 

You love Brett

baby Bleach 

At 0:54 I seriously thought she said you and spider man, I spit my water out for a second.

Almedina Ibrisimovic 

Mirrisa is so in love

Anja Rampersadsingh 

i love her

Malcolm Wingate Malcolm RElisha Malcolm Malcolm 


Brandon Yamamoto 


Brandon Yamamoto 

I am not done with you


Sta'Kayla Baker 

I 💕K.C. Undercover

Brandon Yamamoto 

She's so Sexy when she yells at her w every comm

XRIP II_error_II 

i love kfc cooper 😂😂😂

The group of friends 

OK im confused


Nothing to see here, just gals being pals.

Lucy Njoroge 

Its like she was making up a poem story

Jessica Richards 

girls work hard


That is sweet but I thought she would be really mad but it takes a lot of words, And then she talks about her hair

Aadhil Razeem 

zendaya looks almost 19-20

how they gave her a 16 years old teen role



Sherry John 

I love kc

Semin Kahrimanovic 


Fay Morr 

OMG anyone else think she said you in Spider-Man

Amani Matheen 

this made me laugh !!!!!!!!!!!!

Joi Benjamin 

"You are...but your hair is phenomenal" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Official C'T 

Me and my Bff r exactly the same except my best friend is a boy...

i love you 

I love u

i love you 

I would've said the same thing cx

kimura kana 

K.C、cute !!

peter ndiritu 

I think the set they were in was in some Episodes of Girl Meets World

Le Teri 

I love Marissa


tell me why thought

thαt íѕ ѕuch α crєαtívє nαmє 

Right words wrong tone

Emani rush 


Desmond Thomas 

She is so sweet