Just shapes & Beats All bosses (S Rank)


All the songs are in order!

Long live the new fresh: https://open.spotify.com/track/0RfnQSMXPRxYLmtinxaLGq?si=9OiWsm7bSNuRCShFoLqXog

New game: https://open.spotify.com/track/2l9RUDEOpEBjvcthJm5GtO?si=wxp3luvoRlONI6qhpauzTQ





Close to me:


Final boss:


Destroid 8 Annihilate:


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16GB Ram

1920 x 1080,

Monitor 1 Acer K242HQL 60hz

Monitor 2 Acer K242HL 60hz

Sabre RGB mouse

Strafe RGB keyboard

Void surround sound headset

HTC Vive headset

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For people saying I missed "Till it's over" there is a few reason why I didn't include it.

1. It's not an actual level just an interactive cutscene if you would like to put it.

2. You can't die, no matter how many times you get hit.

3. The level isn't on the playlist mode which means you can't get a rank on it.

Hope you all understand :)

El Remolino 

That’s the same guy who made crab rave

Chocosour Chocosour 

Okelajjoma :v

Jacob DeGuzman 

These bosses got destroyed by a cube boii it's sad and they have.all these long range powers ha Stoopid bosses thought they can kill a cube boii

Minh Ngọc Ngô 


pink anime girl 

3:39 that will happen when you eat too many chips while batteling. now your going crazy.

edit: 12:20 the song name please :)

edit:do the last battle the *slow motion* way

DanDan Dan 

this game is 😍😍


Lycanthropy made me want to cry when i played it the first time ;A;

_МаленькиЙ котёнок_ котенок 




Indoraptor Hybridius 

11:47 when u pause it shows the form that coming right now

Duong Hoangnhi 


Jazziniya Sidney 

This is and amazing video to watch but I’m still waiting for Cory to do another video on just shapes and beats to see his reaction cause we all KNOW that he is gonna love the rest of the songs. Sorry for mentioning another person on this video. I just really wish Cory would play some more jsab(Just Shapes And Beats) lol I am also watching this cause I’m drawing the first boss. Idk why people call him fresh XD maybe cause the song is called “long live the new Fresh” or Lltnf. I hope u, Selpix, respond to my comment cause youtubers really don’t respond to my comments so yea

dante Matrix 

wow,good show


You make it look so easy

Miguel Sanchez 

What is with this game. Blixen stole the holy Doritos. AnD nOw He Is DaNk AnD oVeRpOwErEd

true pacifist 

They r all enjoying this sick beat like me

Pulls up default dance to the beat of video

Oscar Tubac 

And the fidl bos and it creeré and has cool pawer that we see 69468

Oscar Tubac 

Can you do dis par

Oscar Tubac 

I now dis par

Oscar Tubac 

The bos ceep do bos and ceep do wers

Chris Iscool 


Chris Iscool 

3:43 crab rave

Craig Fontanilla 

Lycanthropy I Like Song And Barracuda Close To Me New Game Destroid 2 Annihilate Final Boss

alvaro rosales 


Rico Espinoza 

7:39:danceing cacti

Random Puzzle 


cure galaxy 

I really love “close to me”

Gãmįñg Wįth Mę 

Life of fresh 0:00 born

son gokan 

3:30 ends 3:54 when u you eat to much doritos XD


I feel like most of these bosses can also be put against people with certain phobias. Here, I’ll show you.

4:41 = arachnophobia/Ophidiophobia

6:31 = Aquaphobia

8:09 = Claustrophobia

14:18 = aichmophobia/Phagophobia

(If you don’t know what these are look them up :p) it’s just a thought.

Rico Espinoza 

What are all the bosses called?



Random Puzzle 


Random Puzzle 


Aiden Johnson 

3:24 what’s the name of this boss theme?

Dallion Coker 

0:01Have fun beating me the first time

2:29 watch me grow a new eye

4:44 case of the living dorito snakes

6:31 water and noddle body people

8:09 bipolar disorder

11:50 welcome to the boss who does nothing but use ranged attacks

14:18 have fun not having nightmares now


ay some of the songs come from MonsterCat so

red ваня 

👍🤡👍 👍😸👍 👍👽👍 👍👍👾👍👍 👍💀👍

Lidija Keidane 

Why da ball sniff triangle

Eatidal Akram 

More like undertale


I already beat the whole game

King of kill 1 

15:49 DeStRoYeD yOuVe BeEn DeStRoYeD

TheNoiceBoi Yeet 

Is this a mobile game?

Картон4ик :з 

*7:16** music pls*

anime blue boy 

3:40 that will happen when you eat too many Doritos for lunch.now in the battle you are going crazy. *Crazy Doritos will make you crazy while trying to beat a challenge*

Doge play 

3:44 i have no words

Doge play 

8:07 that girl is on pink drugs

Atrxity Playz 

My ass in a nutshell when listening to dubstep 7:37

dat boi 

Uhhhh...how many times did completed the game?