If you're interested in how my jury duty experience was or if you are wondering what to expect, watch this video!

lol at 2:04 I meant to say "eligible"

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I really wouldn’t wanna sit there and listen. So the only way to get out of it is when you’re already in court room and they ask whoever is bias?


I just got home from my first day of jury duty , 1/2 day due to weather . Got as far as Judge 's initial selection questionnaire . If I responded to the intrusive questions honestly I would not only be dismissed but likely be railed by the Judge tomorrow , but be provoked into a contempt of court .


does it mean I commited a crime ??

Ham Man 

Your hot 🥰😍


My first time I got picked for a panel and we were actually sitting in the court room in the box. Then we did some waiting and had lunch. When we got back, we were told the chick had gone for a plea deal. She was going against the state for drug possession. We got to go home after.


Older people haven't gone? These assholes have hit me three times. Once when I was in college, where I could get an exemption, then again when I was 23 and working. Now I have to go again tomorrow at 29. I really don't feel like wasting my day there again.

tesseract turtle 

This was not very useful but helped my emotional side

caitlyn y 

Thank you for this! I'm a little anxious for my jury duty date but this was super helpful!!!

Shimmy Sham 

How could they call a 14 year old to jury duty???


Just got jury summons 2 weeks after my 19th birthday😂 I know how you feel.


Ayyyyyyyy, I’m from Oregon too.

Bangtanboys _1 

im 19 and got called lol

Hx C00P3R 

Got Jurr duty tomorrow, excited to waste a days work and loss of money

Jenavee Johnson 

This video really helped me and made me feel more confident!

Joseph Jimenez 

What is she talking about.. I was distracted looking in her eyes...


Josh Gosney 

I have jury duty tomorrow on my day off

Darth Vader 

If she was on the Jury I would volunteer for Jury Duty 😘

Colleen Hughes 

Thanks for the info. Was so nervous but you made it alittle easier on me. Btw did anyone ever tell you you look like the actor Anthony Ramos? You can pass for his sister lol

dinor Y 

How can u not be able to get into the trial?

dinor Y 

Do I have to talk in jury duty?

Job Done Right 

You're going to learn in life the more you are honest to the government the more they fuck you!

Eliaz Ruis 

Don't forget to look into jury nullification if you are going to be a juror. You have lots of power as a juror.

Nameless 18 

I’m 18 but didn’t get called for jury, I’m just watching this just to be ready in the future

Sweety Jersey 

Thanks for sharing. I am nervous 😬 yikes. My summon date is tomorrow’s.

xandr khan 

Called for grand jury selection, just gotta grin n bear it! Hopefully i can just be left alone and allowed to make a living. Being forced to report under duress(fine and/or incarceration) sucks sweaty donkey butt!😰😄👀

clam zach 

I’m confused. Why do people even get called for Trial Jury Service? What’s the reason for this?

Sherm Stunna 

I would be a prosecutors worse nightmare because i would need to know someone is guilty without a doubt before i would ever convict someone.

Alfonso Romano 

If you go in not knowing what to do, will I go to jail or have to pay a fine or something?

Alfonso Romano 

I've been 18 year old since July, and when will they call Mr for jury duty? Because I have no idea how to do jury duty?

Mark Nightro 

Yea i got the questionnaire and thank god its in the same city im sure because that's where district court it. Who knows though if i don't get paid for it its not worth experience. by the way Britnee you look hot and smart. I don't tell people that much so take it for granted.

john smith 

Beware the civil trial! Tomorrow is my second day as a juror in a case where someone is suing their insurance agent! Eight hours of listening to insurance procedures, etc. Can't keep my eyes open. HELP!

Andrea Patane 

I really don’t want to go to jury duty, because I have special needs that I’m not going to reveal to you online. It’s hard to speak out in a courtroom these days. No wonder I need a clarifier.

Arturo Hernandez 

I’m 21 and just got summoned, this video made me less nervous and even kind of excited 😁

Tiffany Bruce 

I'm going tomorrow...

Mr. Smyth 

My jury summons is this CHRISTMAS EVE.... RIP


I received a jury summons in the mail this past Saturday for the week of 12/10/2018.

All I can do is see how it goes & just go from there.

I'm nervous about it but at the same time, it could be a good experience for me (right now being the only sibling to serve on a jury).

I always figured if I got jury duty, it would be like 12 Angry Men where all but 1 juror believe the defendant is guilty & that 1 lone juror has to persuade everyone else (even little by little) to vote not guilty & even somehow persuade the last 3 guys who voted guilty from the get-go (haven't at any time changed sides & back again) to change to not guilty making the decision unanimous.

Watch 12 Angry Men & you'll see what I mean.

Alejandra Abundes 

I just got the summon 20 min ago and watching this video kind of made me excited to go and im also 19.

Adrian Castaneda 

Omg !!!❤️❤️❤️ GORGEOUS!


so did you get picked or not bitch


I’m 21 I finally got the letter for jury duty. First time ever.

Bucket List Badass 

Best part is @7:02... "Juror just comes out and says he doesn't want to be there, they let him go". I think that's all most of us want to hear! lmao

Oath Peterson 


I got a letter asking for jury duty in 2013 but I called

to let them know , I could not do as I did not a citizenship yet.

Today, just now I got a letter again and I can go this time.

I wanted to have an experience and curious to know what

jury duty do. 😅

My husband told, ten years ago he went and just read the book,

sitting there about 45 minutes and someone told him to go home.

Terry Beal 2 

I'm 47 and just got my first jury duty summons.


You can expect to NOT be informed of your rights as a juror, and you can expect the judge to lie to you and tell you that you can only judge the facts and not the law.

Be a fully informed juror, know your rights and powers, see www.FIJA.org

Ed D 

How does the government summons you?

Kimberly S. 

i have it tmrw @ 8:30 and i’m so nervous

Ka Wrss 

Thinks to help you. Speak firmly. Dont swivel ur chair. Dont make exciting gestures like someone is sleeping in the other room and you cant wake them up. Dont leave ur body in and cock ur head back. Sometimes they pay people if there elegable. WoW. Just wow. Your are eye candy, never open your mouth around rich people unless its to complement them. 19 and nothing better to do? You much be some rich kid. Why are you in college? Also that music is fucking annoying. Its not original and it doesnt suit you. Chipper sexy summer girl? Is that what you are putting out? Also, when you talk, have a point. Have a list on the screen of talking points and things you want to put to video. It makes you more coheriant sounding.

Lyrical Royal 

I got it Thursday bruh


Thanks I needed this😬

Dean Berry 

How Jury Duty Gives You the Power to Erase Bad Laws