Jordan Peterson: The Necessity of Artists in Society


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Pam Hemphill 

My brother's memories of our mother came from his paintings. Mike completed his book and is hoping to have his Art placed inside, as this will help the reader see how the art was helpful in his healing. Our mother was a child serial killer. See his art (very dark) at Michael Hemphill Artist.

Private Private 

If art is the process that people transfoms themselves into civilized people I wonder what he says about the disdain for aesthetics in today's art culture. Today the top artists put rotting cows in glass or crap on a board and spray paint it gold. Not an exaggeration. Is this evidence of the disintegration of that process? If so, is there hope for aesthetics? Is there a possibility of celebrating beauty?

Arief Rakhman 

Jordan Peterson is a speech artist.

Patrick Hennessy 

How many times he nearly shoulder checked that painting...


Jordan Peterson overestimates the integrity of remarkable artists.


Stuffy audience. Jordan was on fire.

Frank Dobbs 

He's speaking to pure idiots

They cant understand him at all

His IQ is 160

Theirs is 100

james D 

This is definitely the guy you want speaking at your art exhibition.


I'm an artist/poet from Australia. I made a very short film on walking, exploring the subtle message our walk can send to the world; our vulnerabilities, our fears and our capacity to be open to the universe. As a broke artist, it often means I have to trade 'normal person, dead-inside thinking' and the worldly comforts this brings to create something with a kink in its tail. I'd love it if you took a peek:

Su Sampson 

The background music is a MAJOR distraction, JP talks fast about many complexities...PLEASE REMOVE the music

stefan dowsing 

Very perceptive comments. He has a lot of interesting things to say about art and culture. He managed extremely well even with the interruptions. Looked like a very genuine and informed public at the exhibition. Great paintings too! I didn’t quite catch the name of the artist. Can anyone tell me?

John Bolton's Mustache 

Pleanty of us are out of the "arts", and see no way back in. This is decades old. The wine drinking idiots remind me of the real people who have been left behind to the trades. How much wonder will never be seen or heard because of hideous conformity. I only saw some of the "art" work and it's boring. What do I know? I dig holes for a living. It's honest work.

M G 

The reason why artists and performers are ranked so low in the biblical heirarchy (second last) is due to their art distorting reality and thus corrupting peoples world view, weakening their ability to live in it. The purpose of art is to communicate truth in a memorable way, most artists ignore truth, and go straight to wanting to provide a memorable art experience. Thus becoming facilitators and contributors to illusion and falsehood and the denigration of the good and true. The high rank of artists in contemporary times is a symptom of decline.

project 2501 

1:07 there’s always people late for the lecture

Karl Toth 

Its clear to me that Jordan is speaking in an art gallery because he was invited (paid) to speak by the gallery owner about the importance of art with the objective of helping to move merchandise. In a way, Jordan is following his own advice and trying to commercialize his creative output.

Matt Puxty 

It's a beautiful thing to see someone speak so passionately about art.

I don't understand some of the comments here, though. If the pictures aren't to your tastes, there are ways to say so without running them into the ground. Anyway, do you really think you can fully appreciate the artist's work viewed through a YouTube video?

I also think that SOME people genuinely don't understand what art is. If you show them a hyper-realistic painting VS an abstract one, they will usually save their superlatives for the realistic piece. Realism demonstrates amazing skill, but has very little, if any, artistic merit.

Christ died for Our sins 

Thank you davie for what you say its magnificent , I found hope in this and encouragement

Christ died for Our sins 

My Father God is the most beautiful artist.look at his genius in every face I every soul in every heart beat . look at his creations creating.he came to live with us in this place between order and chaos, and is making all things new.who ever is in christ is a new creation.hes renovating our heart of stone to hearts of fleash , he on the cross dying says I love you this much , come be with me I paradise and I will heal you and wipe away every tear , jesus is the king of this play were in , he took centre stage, and dying as a man saved man from decay corruption and death, he came to bind up the broken hearted to give sight to the blind and to free the prisoner from what ever prison they are in.

hidden persuader 

Control has many faces, and artist are among its most faithful servants, to speak of this is not to speak about art itself, but only about the persuasive tactics of art- its effects and the transformationbit cause in the receiver!

hidden persuader 

Every answer seems to fit!

Mars M 

It's hard to hear him with that persistent background music. >__<


Saintly Dr Peterson...

Casey Ryan 

Why is everyone paleskinned?

Samuel Paul Gäumann 

The edit and sound-edit is quite an acomplishment.


Everything is wrong in this besides Jordan talking words

Kristina Roll 

I am an artist and sometimes I get disappointed in myself or the art world... the notion that art is useless and you can't make money with it and you should just do something serious with your life. But after listening to Jordan I feel so much more motivated to do my work and be an entrepreneur (I knew long ago that art world is the world of business). Because I literally do not see myself doing anything else besides fine art. I guess I am crazy enough to make such a great leap into the unknown and make the best of it :)

Don Macgregor 

Such a shame that this great man has been banned from youtube.

Nexion Nekros 

The best hype man there is for an art display. Lmfao! He's awesome.

Richard Carte 

Well done Mr. Peterson :)


I was introduced to jordan through the gender stuff like everyone else, and I am not all that interested in that honestly. But I have been watching a lot of his psychology lectures, and he is definitely an interesting guy. Dunno if I'm always on board with him, but I enjoy his perspective very much.


ironic:a genious speak about art when there is no real art at this exhibition


thanks for the post, but the added music is nothing but distracting

Allen Linnen, Jr. 


Art is something humans do. It involves assimilating the world around , processing it internally and producing a resulting product. Kinda like eating, digesting and pooping. Art is just brain poop.

Sidharth Ojha 

what are you people talking about, the artwork looks cool, really atmospheric. it could make a great album cover

Gearoid Walsh 

please leave off the music. it gives it the air of a puppy rescue video.


Well, gentrification is not always so rosy, and there are many people who stay in 'trendy' neighbourhoods.



If Jordan is watching here's my message.

Please either define exactly what conservative and liberal(both) are in this context or deal with the cognitive dissonance of the story of every artist that's lived and is still living under socialist governments, where thought is controlled to the last word and freedom to express yourself is very limited.

For starters I suggest you watch, and if possible research the background and the real story(Jose Lezama Lima) behind the movie: Strawberry and Chocolate, nominated for an Oscar, and most likely, not chosen to win because of Hollywood's left leaning interest with Fidel Castro's government:

If you might then please take a look at why most artists look at socialist totalitarian governments as a positive force. Is it circumstantial or it's more about a polarity shift between who controls chaos and who controls "order" and when each sides takes turns? I find this EXTREMELY HYPOCRITICAL and r


Consumer: Art is bullshit!

> Decorates house with art.

Jabroni Pie 

literally? really? are you that fucqueen stupid?

literally is an adverb from the 1530s, "in a literal sense, according to the exact meaning of the word or words used," from literal + -ly. Since the late 17th century it has been used in metaphors, hyperbole, etc., to indicate what follows must be taken in the strongest admissible sense. But this is irreconcilable with the word's etymological sense and has led to the much-lamented modern misuse of it.

We have come to such a pass with this emphasizer that where the truth would require us to insert with a strong expression 'not literally, of course, but in a manner of speaking', we do not hesitate to insert the very word we ought to be at pains to repudiate; ... such false coin makes honest traffic in words impossible.

Dr. Peterson is a fucqueen religitard so full of hypocrisy it is fucking amazing that so many stupid PERSONS think he actually knows what he is talking about! this moron thinks he is some kind of genius and all he does is

Jabroni Pie 

artists create graven images you fucqueen retard. you are the biggest hypocrite in the world. i would destroy you with your misandry and love of the cult of personality AT a court of law.


Your shitty editing and tedious background music ruined it. Thanks for nothing.

Christian Dejesus 

He looks like a jester...


To paraphrase the most important point - "the artists will bring up the value of the property...

and then they are chased away."


I can't help but notice how people are not very open on the art side here which is ironic.

Jacinto Rosa 

Shitty music for a top serious guy talking about real shit.


Get some WD-40 on that door.


Why, oh why, with the difficulty with the audio is the editor complicating the situation with some stupid overdub music?

Michael Irwin 

I feel like he does this while hes waiting for his coffee at starbucks

Dino Con 

Jordan peterson deserves more attention and airtime than Neil Degrasse tyson and Bill Nye.

There, I said it.

Sam M 

Ha, "the necessity of artists" how ironic is it that only artists need this sort of childish affirmation