Jordan (GH3 PC Custom)


I passed Jordan for the first time a couple of weeks ago so I figured it was about time I started uploading some new videos. This isn't my best run and I came insanely close to failing at the end of the first set of solos, but I wanted to put this up for all you people out there who said I suck. This is for you suckers, try and do better.

Channel:  Elogotar

dont woz ur better than me and on online i normally win but somtimes u get the legends that pwn me

Callum Murray 

believe me, i could do better if i had GH3 for PC, ive wanted it for yonks for customs.... but good job anyay :)


2:25!!!! ^_^

Govna Gabe 

ur alright.. :p try this on gh2 xD


gtwt is like gh3 for hammer on the time window is small again


I would, but I'm so bad at it (even thought I pass) even I wouldn't be able to resist making fun of it.


Sooo close to lose!

nice attempt! =)


I know.


Well, I wouldn't be so confident unless you've actually tried, it's easily 3 times harder on GH2, because the hammeron timing window is much much smaller, as well as the timing window to hit notes in general. I've gotten 310k on gh3, but I can pass it 1/5 times on GH2 at most.


Haven't gotten a chance to try, but I'm confident I can.

Gigi Extreme 

This looks almost identical to my most recent run, except when I did it, I failed :P


Sorry, I meant for there to be a ":P" at the end, as it was a joke. Good job man. I got a GH3 Jordan video up on my channel as well. Can you beat it on GH2?


You suck at plastic guitar.


Ya, I know, man. I should have failed that time, but it doesn't really bother me because I know I've done better.

Brain Death 

u r soooo lucky on the solo!

Nate Cothran 

Hey nice job, man.


Then don't bother commenting and go post your own damn video.


2 comment why is jordan hard its the easy as hell