John XXIII, the surprising pope


The embalmed body of a pope who died 38 years ago, John XXIII, in his sealed crystal coffin, lies at the altar of the Chapel of Saint Jerome in Saint Peter's Basilica. Exhumed, he is honoured. He was known as 'Good Pope John'.

He was born, in 1881, to a Italian family of sharecroppers, in a small village in the Lombardy region. Brother of 13 siblings, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was ordained a priest at the age of 24. At an age of retirement, 72, he was made cardinal, then, in the conclave for Pi...


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Gadol Adonai 

What was wrong with the church that he brought upon vat2 and along with it all the chaos


That is the *doctored* body: such was the Primitive state of embalming in Italy during the 1960's that his body was clearly tinted Green in the photos seeing around the world on the cover of Life magazine. Not only that 1 C's here a death mask of John XXIII, because his face and head are severely corrupted. So oh, he has a death mask and has been painted white to cover up the green and the corruption of his body.

Joseph Boyat 

Surely, he deserves a resting place under the altar...but at the Lodge.

Fiona Killeen 

How was Pope John XXIII a heretic? The conspiracy still spins.....

Zack Asante 

They should cut him up and sale the body by yhe pound and make more money for the church ......... Nonsense.

Jose Carminati 

Il Papa che a aperto le porte del Vaticano Grazie ciao

Jose Carminati 

Il più meraviglioso papà

Dan Shelton 

Surprise!! I'm really a pedopihile!

Braille Diaz 

Worst pope ever

N. Tire-Lee 

John XXIII died in 1963. 38 years later makes it... 2001. Francis was not Pope until 2013, 50 years after John's death.

Paulo R Bolarinho 

The Church has become one with the world, thanks to Vatican II. Instead of the world becoming one with the Church. Those who were around during Vatican II are mostly dead, but they have placed our souls in terrible danger. The Catholic Church compromised. The Church has never compromised, because truth can not change.

Legally Resisting Tyranny 

John XXIII was not a valid Pope. He was a antipope, and a modernist-heretic, just like the current antipope, Jorge Bergoglio (Francis).

Paulo R Bolarinho 

How can a Pope be a saint when he disobeyed an order from Our Lady of Fatima? The Vatican is in apostasy from the Catholic Faith. Vatican II must be undone and the Latin Rite of the Mass Restored.

Sam Sham 

He ignored the instructions of Our Lady to reveal the third secret of Fatima in 1960. The real third secret,according to those who had read it, warned of a false council and heresy and apostasy at the head of the Church. His canonization was nothing more than pro Vatican II PR. Bergoglio is the fulfillment of Our Ladys warning. He is an almost daily heretic and anti pope. Vatican II has all but destroyed the Church by any measure. Find what’s left. Find a Latin Mass and don’t look back

Michael Foe of Evil 

John XXIII ignored the third Secret of Fatima which he was suppose to tell the world. If you want to know the crisis we are facing in the Church it started with his disobedience to Our Lady in the 60's. Thanks John XXIII for destroying the Catholic Faith and allowing the NWO to take over.

Maryon Zenay 


Martin Möller 

Roncalli was mason and antichrist.

Greg Roeper 

While I'm too young to remember him, I do admire his humility and love for people, great and small. I have a picture of him on the wall in my home and was so happy when he was canonized as a saint.

X X 


Joseph Murphy 

What I find "surprising" are the inaccuracies in this video. Let's start with mathematics: Pope John XXIII died in 1963--more than 50 years (not 38) before this video was published. The famous scene when the Pope delivered his "moonlight" speech (look it up, folks) was NOT the occasion on which he announced the convening of the Council, but rather took place on the evening on which the Council opened. Although the future improved ecumenical relations were inspired by Pope John and the Council, relations with the Jews had already began to improve (hundreds of Jews were hidden within the Vatican--including the Papal palace--and throughout Rome during the Nazi occupation). The revisions to the Catholic liturgy began after the Pope's death. Besides being careless with the facts, the video's narrator sounds a bit sarcastic so I am a tad offended by it.

Stella Maris 

On 3 December 1963, US President Lyndon B. Johnson posthumously awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States' highest civilian award, in recognition of the good relationship between Pope John XXIII and the United States of America. In his speech on 6 December 1963, Johnson said: "I have also determined to confer the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously on another noble man whose death we mourned 6 months ago: His Holiness, Pope John XXIII. He was a man of simple origins, of simple faith, of simple charity. In this exalted office he was still the gentle pastor. He believed in discussion and persuasion. He profoundly respected the dignity of man. He gave the world immortal statements of the rights of man, of the obligations of men to each other, of their duty to strive for a world community in which all can live in peace and fraternal friendship. His goodness reached across temporal boundaries to warm the hearts of men of all nations and of all faiths".

The cit


The teaching beware of the Jews? Oh, boy.....


Angelo Roncalli was working in Bulgaria for several years before the World War II and before the communists enslaved us. he house where he lived is about 5min from my place.


don't trust Zionist you should not judge on race or religion ,  the practices of zoinist are an abomination to mankind