John Marston's Death vs Arthur Morgan's Death - Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2


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John Marston's Death vs Arthur Morgan's Death - Red Dead Redemption 2

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phroggia 123 

Both deaths are depression

Big chuncky Dude 2 

The kid gets shot at 0:11 in the heart

Russ Not Daily 

Red redemption 2 new dlc Undead babies starting John

Russ Not Daily 


Regnars 666 

When Micah said that Arthur should've gone with John I was like "I already tried that but you still did not leave Arthur alone."

Twilite Apex 

At 0:11 Jack got shot

mosa skd 

Red dead redemption 3

*jack marston dies by a sniper*

Playing with with jack's son

I have to wait 90 days to change my name 

Jack is literally right next to John


Сука Блять 

0:10 bullet goes through his body, doesn’t give a shit


Author Morgan's death was sadder. He was my favorite.


Lumbago's a bitch, if it weren't for that Uncle would've lived 😥

Slowy Marksmen Of All 

I have a plan

بقوري سوري 


luxo Romero 

Good bye uncle John marston Arthur morgan 😖😢

Gianni Messercola 


katz b 

Is it just me or do you hate micha and Dutch

Dantdm TDM 

Guys I'm crying for Arthur I'm serious

Tectal Harbor994 

Uncle takes a bullet to the chest *dies*

Jack takes a bullet to the chest *doesn’t even react*

Jesus de Nazareth 


God of Destruction Beerus 

Anyone else notice jack got shot in the heart area of the chest and took it like water

Wife beater 9000 

Both are equally sad because they were amazing characters

:, beep 

rdr3 : you play as the horse

Pterodactyl Tits 

these games are trash fortnite is best

Merciful Guard 

Shouldn't it be better that after John dropped his gun he grabs it and shoot Ross and Arthur grabs the gun and shoots Dutch and Micah therefore they would've had the perk "last stand"

Wett Mutt 

Am I the only one that cried when Arthur died? Yes?


Micah the biggest ball sucker in the game BUT DUTCH IS SHIKIN THE BIGGEST DICKHEAD EvEr

Jessica Parada 

Arthur’s death is so sad

يوسف محمود 


Эвгения Сливкина 

On the john marston ending, I almost killed them all..but there was 3 left..I used the mauser, it holds 15 rounds..

Katrina F 

This game broke my heart. I saw Arthur die yesterday and I still can’t snap out of it 😭

Shat •_• 

I cried when author died😭

Calebt1130 YT_btw 

Why’s it day time in the first scene whenever I played it all those years ago I could’ve sworn it was night

Damien Macoto 

Why not just respawn

Cdawg Hen 

Love the click bait title


Arthur's is way more tragic- He dedicated his final days in trying to help John and his family escape from the life only for John letting vengeance getting the best of him to kill Micah which led the Pinkerton's to his doorstep setting up for what happened in RDR 1 and then what happened with Jack which made Arthur's sacrifice go in vain.

okayjupitr79 mcmuffin 

My horses death was sadder then both In my opinion

Spider-Man Vilegas 

I cried during both of themm

Karl Brunet 

What ?! I went with John and got shot in the face by Micah. There was no sunset death for my generous ass ! What do you have to do to have that ending ?

SkyDere's World 

Did anybody notice that righ at 0:11 he got shot in the chest but still stood? This is some terminator conspiracies or some shit now

Gaming Stew-Dog 

2:45 John be looking like micah

Oh yeah yeah 

0:11 he gets shot right in the heart, 5 seconds later it’s gone.

rosá /female/werewolf/19 yrs {Creepypasta} 


Mila Wilburn 

i wanna cry right now after watching this... a commercial ruined the moment

Bilal Mayruk 

I wanna this scene 2:35 happens to me, if i must go to the school !!!

Amy Davis 

He dio

Shadow An 

10; dame Jack took it like a champ

T Shaggz 

John will always be my favourite even if he is a bit shallow in rd2 got love for mr Morgan tho

TheEnderGamer654 yt 

Jhon made it, its the only one


*i tried*

In the end

*i did*

Zack Jorgensen 


Maxamillion 18 

I prefer Arthur's death