▶▶ JANUARY 2019 FAVORITES ◀◀ Alo Yoga, It Cosmetics, Benefit, YSL


Hey guys! This is going up late but wanted to still squeeze in January Favorites before I do Feb Faves soon. ;) Cameo by Oreo! Out of curiosity, what is your favorite workout gear?

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IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation in Medium


Jouer Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer


Benefit Goofproof Brow Pencil in #3


YSL Volupte Tint-In-Balm in No. 1


Glow Recipe Avocado Sleep Set


Alo Yoga Alosoft Collection




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Elaine Thai 

outdoor voices has very cute workout gear! their tops give a lot of coverage

tizita abebe 

You look so great, don't worry about it

Linda Trinh 

Try rock climbing! Or if u dont have a partner. Bouldering. Its a reat workout and super fun! There are always challenges that are like puzzles :) and u can work ur way up to the harder ones so ur always trying something new and never bored

Gina Wei 

I’ve been loving barre!

jasmine cha 

Jen what shade were you in for the jouer concealer?

Jasmine C 

I swear by lululemon because their size 2 is small enough for me and they have a lot of options for lengths (FL, crop, 7/8) and I've washed mine so many times and they still look brand new. I've been going to barre classes for nearly 2 years and I love them - you get the best of yoga, pilates, with a bit of ballet conditioning and it's really fun. Highly rec you check out barre studios near you.

Chia-Yi Liu 

another vote for athleta! they carry a pretty full range of petite workout put gear as well as athleisure wear. i think it’s important to support companies that do because not everyone who is petite fits into a xs/s


I buy lululemon 25" pants for my petite figure. The ends is still tight enough around the ankle. Somehow their 7/8 pants doesn't look as "natural" as their 25" pants, looks more like it is meant for tall people 😂

Leonardo Junio 


Elizabeth Ong-Chen 

I love your favourites videos!



Jiaqi Long 

I buy lululemon 23" leggings They have all kinds of lengths. Perfect for petite girl.

QingChen Steuer 

aerie by american eagle has short length leggings that are half the price of lulus. my holy grail😍


Omg where are those earrings from

debra chan 

Hi, may I know where is your earring from?

Tami Xiong 

I shop at Victoria’s Secret for ALL of my work out clothes, they have petite sizes (I think it’s only online tho) I’m 5’2😬

Laarni Russell 

I buy my workout clothes from Athleta. They carry petite sizes. I love all their clothes.

Amanda Walters 

Athleta is great for petite workout gear - plus they hem anything you buy from them for free!


Zella leggings from Nordstrom (when they're on sale!). They run long so you might need to get them hemmed. And Champion sports bras from Target!

Ari - 

Girlfriend collective has a great range. Plus their clothes are made from recycled plastics!!!

Emilie Seena 

Beyond Yoga is super soft!!! Comparable to Alo yoga :)

Carina Wang 

Love the way you describe those products!

Elizabeth Larson 

I love your favorites videos! I highly recommend Athleta, specifically their Salutation Stash Tight line. Love their clothes, you can get stuff in different degrees of compression. As for fun workout stuff at home, we just got a Bosu Pro Balance Trainer and really love it! Works all kinds of new muscles. The ballet dancer Katie Boren has some awesome ideas on YouTube for how to use it. Plus my 3yo daughter loves to be on it when it’s inverted (with me helping her balance, of course!). Bet Aria would too!

Vi Dinh 

Lululemon in the 7/8 length fits really well on petites (I'm 5.1). They are great investments, I've had my running tights for years and they still hold their shape perfectly. I also have their Aligned yoga pants in almost every shade, and I don't do yoga. They are great for travel, lazy lounging weekends etc. They're so soft they feel like melted butter on your legs.

Rose Sapitan 

What is the lipstick u r wearing in this video. Love the color on u.

Cindy Soo 

Jen, try the Canadian brand, Lululemon!




I love beyond yoga for their super soft workout clothes and they’re really cute too. Also I recommend trying aerial workouts! They’re fun and distracts you from the workout part of it

Lisa Lee 

Hey Jen! I'm also petite (4'9 to be exact) and there are great options for athletic wear at Athleta as well, if you havent already tried them out. They have a separate petite range you can get online and I even fit into their XXS regular sized leggings (cropped style though of course lol) They're really good quality and not QUITE as pricey as Alo or Lulu. Big fan, congrats on everything you've achieved and your beautiful family!! <3

Zoe Leung 

Jen!! 😍 could you tell us where you got those earrings? You look so good x

Crystal Hua 

Make up information! You r soooo amazing! For real!


I am 160cm and Nike in xs fits me great! I am petite, but with a big butt 🤣

iliana oudom 

Hi, you can check Fabletics they have really cute work out clothes 😉


I am really petite (4'9) and I am a big fan of alo as well! their 7/8 leggings are perfect for me. lululemon has good options too (also the 7/8 or capri length ones) and I have recently started getting some workout clothes from gymshark as well (again 7/8 or capri length).

Costanza Gristina 

Hello Jen, thank you for the Alo suggestion, I’ve always bought Lululemon for the 7/8 pants!

Those Alo ones seems very soft 😊😊


I’m 158cm and I’m wearing the Korean brand called Andar. I think, maybe Asian brands will fit for all the xs sizes in the world?

Mega Rudyanto 

Hi jennn. I really love you apple watch. Can you tell me what type and color did you use in this video? Thank youu 🙏😍

Jean From BeautyShopPH 

Oreooo 🐶

Maia Roll 

Hi Jen! Aerie XS-Short “move” or “play” leggings are AMAZING! I’m 4’10” and in length they’re maybe a inch too long versus 4 inches too long. Those lines of their leggings are more geared towards fitness and women being active in them. They’re so soft and comfortable with a wide waist band to suck everything in. I love them!

Mai Zabala 

Hi Jen. Will you consider shifting to Cruelty Free Products? Non-Cruelty products have chemicals that can Harm Babies.

soua yang 

I love that it cosmetics foundation also!!

Emeline Xu 

Hi Jen, I'm really into the fitness world and you DEFINITELY should try LULULEMON Crop Align pants. I'm a short girl too (157cm). Also, try some HIIT type of workout (cardio + body weight) :D


Pole fitness is fun!

Gloria Sung 

I'm 5'1" and 110 lbs -- Athleta small petite bottoms are a good fit

Lynsey Uyeno 

I love Lululemon for yoga pants! They offer full length, 7/8, and capris, both in mid rise and high-waisted, and they’ll tailor any pants you buy from them free of charge. I’ve owned a few pairs for over 3 years now, and they still fit exactly the same now as they did when I bought them 😊


I love your videos, but I cant afford all of these high end makeup and other things like $100 leggings :(

teenz2983 - 

Jen check out Carbon38 for workout gear! They have the most beautiful stuff from different brands. You’re sure to find something that fits your frame.


I get mine at Athleta, they have petites. I’m 4”11

donuts and cupcakes 

Omg where is your sweater from? It looks so nice!!

Kacy Mah 

Nikkie tutorials uses jouer concealer!