Jack Nicholson calls Arby's - hilarious

Bob Vincent 

You need to have Rosie odonnel calling people.

Hawkeye 1000 

You have to recognise Jack Nicholson. Even younger people surely


im in tears laughing

Legit Doomer 

What a good sport lol

Wandmaye Slupik 

very very good.... the $6000.00 skits were getting old...


Always look at the bright side of your life!! Always look at the bright side of your life!!

Brian Catron 



Jack Calls Tax Scammers



I’ve heard a lot of these and most of them are pretty bad and have no flow, timing, authenticity, or rhythm to them. But this one is actually pretty damn good. The person doing this one took the time to study his or her soundboard and obviously went through great lengths to categorize the responses and place them in appropriate sections that could be utilized naturally in a dialogue or conversation. In other words, this person is talented (lol) I’m a perfectionist and this one was pretty damn near perfect . Note to other people doing this : if you’re going to try something like this, take the time to study and perfect your material, first. When you just play sound bytes that don’t make sense or relate to a conversation, it loses all credibility. This right here is how you do it. 👍🏻👍🏻

Alex Maverick 

Can I ask you a personal question?

Your mother and I had sex.

Adam Vanderpluym 

Must be National Guard or Reserve. Not sure if active duty would have time for a second job.

Martin Trajanovski 

The best prank call, by far, of all of them out there. BTW, I didn't know that in 2005 they still served a menu from the 70s :)

Jeff Skousen 

It kills me without piano music starts playing and he starts singing

Jeff Skousen 

His little smile on the beginning of this picture cracks me up

Dimitar Stoilov 

Your mother and I had sex LMAO

1997 Daniel Flores 

He has scary voice

Rozzy Rozz 

How the hell does she find time to moonlight at Arby's if she's in the US Army??

M. A. Packer 

Those laugh tracks kill me

Homey D Clown 

We've gotten along just fine. Are you on some kind of drugs or something?

Margaret Simpson 

he funny

Mark Jones 

It's funny they have zero idea and she gets STUPID at the end

The Mr.J Show 


Napoleon Bonaparte 

That was masterful hope its real

Y Marina 

Shampoo my crotch.

Clayton King 

These people will be sitting around watching TV one day and realized they been had.



Will Pappin 

This video had me laughing for like 3 minutes straight at one point.


Too funny

Amish deviant with Herpes 

you make sandwiches don’t you?

Amish deviant with Herpes 

God bless that woman that served in the US Army!

Joshua Black 

She sounded too dumb to be in the army... perhaps she’s been to a boot camp for obese women and now she likes to say she’s in the army as part of her delusion.

Bxing Head22 

Have you been taking any drugs!??


What kind are you gonna share!?? Lol

Michael Craig Broughton 

I fucking love jack Nicholson

First Last 

shampoo my crotch.....wtf movie is that from, batman? lol


Here's Johnny!!!


I'm gasping for air!!! LMAO!!!!

Andrew O'Brien 

I'm dead!!!


How does an American not recognize Jack Nicholson

Carlton Vincent 

he played them like a piano.

Den Dan 

I love the girl, i hope she has a great partner as it sounds like she deserves one.

Shiitake Happens 

You work at Arby's not Army. They do sound similar. I know you fast food workers are slow but damn.

Tbirdy Mcdankweed 

Buddy Arbys is the fucking tits

The Fly One 

Damn 2005, this guy was sick with the soundboard

Sense of Tumor 



lol x 10.....omg

Mark W. Rogers 

Just tired and bitter😂

Kevin McDonald 

I'm a soldier in the United States Army no you're a fucking retard that works at Arby's

yveslo lou 

Take a good look at Arby's roast beef it looks more like rubber beef

Lord Salt 


"You make sandwiches don't you?"

"Yes we do"

"I'd like an omelet..."

BTC Fanboi 


*Michigan accent*