Italy: This interactive store could be the 'supermarket of the future'


A Coop supermarket in Milan may have paved the way to a future of interactive supermarket shopping. Shoppers can discover everything about their chosen food products with the flick of a wrist, as motion sensitive monitors detect customers' actions and display relevant information such as nutritional facts and allergy advice.

SOT, Andrea Pertegato, Coop spokesperson (Italian): "This is the first supermarket in the world which uses [this] special technology."

SOT, Andrea Pertegato, Coop spokesperson (Italian): "Technology helps customers because they can have a lot of information in a dynamic way. Customers take the product, a scanner recognises it and shows all the information on a screen. Technology hasn't cancelled out jobs, we have actually created a lot of new jobs. We just optimised a new information system."

SOT, Andrea Pertegato, Coop spokesperson (Italian): "It's really easy. You choose a product on the shelves, move close to the monitor and click the food’s image."

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adelina ade 

Come diceva il mitico Fantozzi mi sembra una cagata pazzesca....


sciocchezza bastava una applicazione per telefonino che oggi hanno tutti

Jaguar Paw 

so it is standard store with few lcd screens? I mean come on. Store in the future will die, people will get their stuff on their front door. Free delivery