It's Against The Law Take My Picture - 1st Amendment Audit - Police


This will be my last 1st Amendment Audit on Post Offices. Who did I educate that day the post office supervisor? Whoopty fucking doo. There's other means to use to educate "all" post offices not just one at a time. (UPDATE) The post master general has sent a memo out memos to post offices telling them how to handle people taking pictures. They are not to approach them and if they are causing a disturbance call the cops.

I knew that if the police were called out there was a 99.5% chance they would NOT give me a hard time and would allow me to exercise my right to videotape in public. Police are being trained more everyday not to bother photographers and I think the ignorance of police officers not knowing that it's legal to videotape, will be a thing of the past very soon. But the cops still have to go make contact with the auditor to tell them whats going with the concerned little old lady who sees a guy with a mask on with a camera. Illegal? No! Out of the ordinary? Yes. If I was a ...

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When asked "do you understand why someone would call" say yes, because people are ignorant of the laws. Because as much as people say they love living in a free country they actually hate freedom.

Michael C 

Good Citizen ... HAHHAHHAHAH .. He reminded me of Moe on the simpsons getting pranked called ... lol

Michael C 

When he asks what you are doing .. ask him for his ID ... lol...


If you are covering your face to hide your ID then I will call you a coward. Nothing "wrong" with you hiding behind a mask, but it does show us you are less than forthcoming with your efforts. So, are you indeed hiding behind a mask of some sort? If so, is this some stunt to garner additional attention to yourself in order to make YouTube videos? Now, if you are fully exposed and not Hiding, then sir you are a hero of sorts and deserve some respect of the community. Thank you for your efforts to help bring photography to the forefront of legal activity. At the same time, if you are hiding your ID, then you are making if more difficult to accomplish photography as a legitimate and legal activity. Which are you? And good luck to you regardless!


Giving your ID, not giving your ID... won't matter because it won't be a choice soon. The "Real ID" program is spreading across the country. Everyone will be forced to have a new ID created with a new photo that is "face recognition friendly" so all they need is your face and they will have all your data... name, address, license number and whatever else they put in the national database.

Unless you wear a mask or get plastic surgery regularly your ID will always be with you and freely visible. There are programs rolling out everywhere to track everyone... if you visit the resort town of Ocean City, MD your license plate is scanned (ALL of them are) and run through a database. Have a nice vacation !

More privacy info here


lol good answer :D

George Ramirez 

It's always do u have a beef, how bout exercising my 1st amendment right!

George Ramirez 

Luv when they take out the little notebook, and gotta put it back!

Sarah Watson 

I love how the second guy just walks up to a stranger he believes is acting unlawfully as though he has some unseen power protecting him. Stupid.

Rawdawg Actual 

I cant beleive people really thing filming in public is against the law. Do they know people have eyes? And a memory. Wtf is the difference. And is the difference worth looking for a way to lock a person in a cage? What type of person would do that...

Timothy Higgins 

How dumb

James Dean 

Good citizen! His actions were priceless!!!

Ben Deko 

You can take a picture of the White house and the president of the United states but not the post office and a postal worker.

Sam Richards 

Great work 👍🏻 Thanking the good cops you meet and telling them you appreciate their professionalism like you did is very important 👌🏻 after all that’s what it’s all about.

Todd White 

Great job on this audit. I like the way you offered to talk to him without being rude. It keeps the audit approach professional

Jerry Geer 

Lot of cry babies in the post office. They sit behind a counter for 8 hours being monitor by inside cameras. What in the hell are wrong with these idoits. You have some other idoit walking around making up laws that don't exist. Such dumb asses. How are they able to find their way to work? I wouldn't stop doing audits on the post offices as long there cry babies.

Lynn Savoy 

Please stop saying yes I understand, unless you add its still not against the law.

Lynn Savoy 

I love his reaction to your name as good citizen.He called you a bad name under his breath.


I love how people hate being recorded but yet they don’t realize they are being recorded all day long out in public. Just look up, the cameras are there.

Buzz May 

Again I must reiterate , if our country continues to have the chicken little syndrome of 911 ,the Terrorist have succeeded  in taking , WE THE PEOPLE'S right to our 1st AMENDMENT FREEDOM'S , its time we take back our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and FREEDOM"S that our FORE FATHERS FOUGHT FOR .

Todd Oetken 

The idiot in the green shirt is a disgrace to our educated nation.




You are also educating the public that is around you (and all the people they tell) about their rights and those who happen to stumble on your video. I was one of those people. I didn't know we could record in these situations, until I seen a video like this. Thank you for your work. 👍🏽😊

Nick Kolczynski 

Got him lol good good


Geez, this gets old. I was warned about this in an Africa travel guide, back about 1990. Corrupt police in certain African countries will catch a tourist with a camera near a Post Office. The tourist is invariably mailing postcards back home or some such thing. The African cop accuses the tourist of photographing a "sensitive government facility" (the Post Office), and confiscates the camera (to sell). When I went to Africa, I met a tourist couple who said that actually happened to them. Understandably, they said they didn't mind losing the camera, but the film was irreplaceable. They'd have given the camera if they could have kept the film. Sad to see Third World behavior in the USA.

Mike Treadwell 

we all understand!!!!


No i can't agree that "what I am doing can be looked at as suspicious", because I am DOING IT in broad daylight and not hiding a thing

Charles Putman 

Let me convict you of something before I leave

Craig Beacom 

Love when they reach for their notepad and get shut down.

Bradley Brown 

Cop: "what's your name?"

Auditor: "Ed"

Cop: "Ed what?"

Auditor: "Ed Ucated Citizen"


DoesNotConsent Ever 

Wow. Federal Offenses EVERYWHERE!

Sonia L 

go back to haiti and deliver mail there the us mail system is starting to hire some stupid people how do they pass the civil service test they dont afermitive action again how do they get the right address when delivering mail with such low intelligence

Pauls Country 

He knew your first name...."Bud".

Dave Phelps 

I need to do this with my local Sheriff's office with a T-shirt that says, "First Amendment Audit" on front and back. Just to see what happens. These cops know the law, good job.


Lolololololololololololol. People don’t know what to do when challenged, they just figure they say against federal law and you’ll run in fear. Maybe he should mind his business and move along

DA Poppa 

I shoot in public areas in Florida, and there is inevitably some hot head Moron tries to tell me that I cannot film, or tries to put his hand on my camera, or take my MAGA hat. Try polite first, then dial the police if they persist. Let the police do their thing try not to rev them up. If they persist, we have a thing here in Florida call the Stand your ground law, Bear Spray is my favorite.

Wally McAllister 

Does their upset trump my Constitutional rights?

Joseph Williamson 

F*** you you piece of s*** pig


Second officer was a decent guy. Nice to see.

David Brian 

I won't give this a-hole a second of my time. He and people like him are looking for a confrontation to show others like him he can do it.

J Roger Trudel 

Auditors need to ask these uninformed individuals, "What is your level of intelligence?" Then let them reply so they can actually show us, the viewer, their actual IQ level.

J Roger Trudel 

Why so much curiosity?

Jason Leslie 

Whats to discuss? U should get a copy of the momos & court rulings. Im glad these cops know the law

Brian Stiles 

Can I tell you something without being rude, you are full of shit. Do you have your, standing on the public sidewalk doing a constitutional act license on you.


Stand up and shut their bs down, instead of this.

Markus Daxamouli 

Cop actually lied to can go inside the lobby...takimg pictures...and its all legal.

People need to not be flipped out.thats their job to read Poster 7?.and I suggest the Officer needs to Read Poster 7

Markus Daxamouli 

He just cannot let it go..and feels the need to instruct and leave.

Markus Daxamouli 

What jackass walks up to a stranger, to tell them they cannot do SOMETHING refrencing non existsnt laws.

Markus Daxamouli 

Its against the law to take picture of federal building...nope

Its against the law to take picture of me...nope

Its not for comercial ise...your expectastion of privacy in public is zero

Markus Daxamouli