Is social media fuelling violent crime in London? | ITV News


Knife crime in London as we know too well remains a serious issue. Almost daily, police respond to stabbings across the capital. What is concerning both police and youth workers, is how the rows that lead to such attacks are now so often played out on social media. One father in Tottenham who has himself used the internet to try to talk teenagers out of violence said unless websites are better policed - the problem may never go away. ITV News London's Ria Chatterjee went to meet him today.

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Topics:  Society
sam baz 

Provoking and.hyping situations yes. Through YouTube and social media yh fuelling it noway


Dude is a Hero!

Tommy Wilson 

And now this freak thinks that social media is causing crime and murder. The English are sick!!!

Kris Brown 

mental health is a good reason if you ask me.

Kris Brown 

. In this country we’ve lost 25,000 police officers since 2010. And the effects are clear to see - with over 91% of crimes taking place without anyone getting charged. says a police officer

iron grip 455 

Is this Chicago?

Mr. Inker 

Blacks are morally corrupt, being let down by their parents, left by their fathers and don't take responsibility for themselves like getting a job or grow8ng a business they'd rather supply drugs to the community

Sincere Iam 

It’s fueling it in a sense that you can brag about what you’ve done or what your gonna do, seems like you can’t resolve problems by talking no more, it’s all verbally done by social media & that’s by rapping, no excuses to live like that, they all like robots in a trance copying each other, so my theory is which I’ve always stuck by is MIND STATE, the youths mind are attracted to bull, wether it’s some form of mental illness..who knows.

sam mark 

London may have violent crime, the racist media focus too much on London , but Birmingham in the West Midland is another city which has a lot of violent crime and acid attacks this is two in the space of 24 hours and yet the racism and racial segregation is high in Birmingham and all over the west midlands lots of poverty and mental health in the west midlands too, people think this is only a London issue its a British issue in all cities especially.

Tuco The rat 

He is wasting his time on the gangs

Peter McIver 

Smart man but sadly he's just pissing in the wind

lee brookes 

Do you remember Live Aid ? The savages there would have kids with no means of support - the women opened their diseased legs for the man to push in his diseased member (and so the long day continued) . Who will feed the children ? Who cares , just repeat ...........

lee brookes 

Keep up the great work , you do know that rich people bet on this . These savages will do anything for a new pair of kicks .


This is clearly a largely black problem. People talk about cuts and lack of youth centers. How about parenting?

Florida Gator 

It’s not social media fault, problem is these under evolved violent savages have been brought in by leftist progressives 🐖 because they hate white people.

Tobias Orion *rFitz* 

..So basically, "Black People hate each other no matter where they're positioned on the planet." [Seems about right.]

B Reilly 

Everywhere these third world rats go gets destroyed.

This is England 

Crime is rising in London because the white population is disappearing and all the different coloured populations are taking over, and no coloured races of people should be allowed into any white country, and we are now seeing the results of mass coloured immigration into the United Kingdom.

Kool Gamez 

I agree that knife crime is bad but they shouldn’t be censored because that takes away their human right of freedom of speech. For example , 1011 got on of their most popular music videos removed because they were glorifying knife crime.

jhon doe 

Thank-you young man good guy


Sexual inadequacy - a desire to penetrate flesh with something hard for satisfaction.

Geoff Collins 

No its not.

Importing the thirld world does

Just Facts 

Punishment should be education, catch them with a knife put them in a school prison and only release them when they have degrees ready to face the world, we'll see then how quickly they turn their lives around.

Thomas Powell 

Social media is not fuelling anything, it's certain black cultures that are also causing the same issues in the carribean island where barbadous people will happily name the country, so will Saint luciens etc name the carribean country ( its Jamaica) so please don't use the word black to refer to all black People, be specific and name the country that exudes a larger than acceptable amount of violence, I've being to the carrribean many times and they all despise Jamaicans due to the large amount of violence they cause. ( let's not beat around the bush and pretend play politically correct nonsense) name and shame

Joseph Perkins 

Social media is used as a tool to upload unpleasant and often violent, criminal publications by people who have long been violent, drug taking criminals.

Social media used in this way is a symptom of the social and moral breakdown in our country, it is not the root cause behind it.

To understand the real reason look how authority has been undermined everywhere from the church to the school to the criminal justice system.


Yes, Social Media is Fueling Violence. Especially Drill Videos, Made in London

Unikbesi Dabest 

What is the solution?

Safe One 

Same old story, lots of talk but no solution...


Bruv, you need to be affecting policy,,,,only a neoliberalist, capitalist, socialist type government would reject you(totalitarians and pagans and the like)

,,,,,you've hit many nails on the head there,,,,,,,you got my support,,,,I'm menouvering to take on the challenge of my hometown of Birmingham (Brum) ,,from a psychological and social view point,,,,,I know where your coming from,,,,,,,I'd like to help some about where we're going definitively,,,the whole apple and core of these so called phenomena,,,,,,,you shall never walk alone in your endeavours,,,,,,Jahknow


Evolution of hip hop, gangsta rap, grime has been a detrimental cause of this problem. So keep promoting this nonsense that glamorises violence, drug abuse, drug dealing & all other criminality. Are we blind or we just stupid, educate your children now on the negativities of this culture that has & is destroying lives.


It's got nothing to do with social media, it's got everything to do with cuts, where are all the youth centres gone, what happened to family unit? If the kid is lucky to have both parents, normally there to busy working long shifts, schools don't prepare you for the real challenges in life, money management, people skills... If anything social media is the only outlet these kids have left where they can connect with people.. Give these kids things to do things to work for, give them back self worth, go check out g.a.n.g. Gang unite guiding a new generation, this is where we need to start, back in the communities. Estates used have cook outs, water fights, football on the green, blasting music. Now everyones worried about going shop, or if its safe opening a window.. Another forgotten about generation and you lots wanna blame social media.. I know, you could build a foundation and give some other big wigs a holiday and a new car, but send a camera crew down to a nice location and spend

jetski Dex 

Not enough money in the economy


Let’s just blame social media...

Peace and Prosperity 

well said bro, keep up the good work your an inspiration.



Ghostman o 

I'm black but this is true wherever ethnic minorites are there's always trouble

Ghostman o 

The reasons why there is postcodes is because of drugs. Here's how it goes, you have a gang based in a certain postcode who try to make as much money out of that area as possible then you get another neighboring or same area gang that also try to make money out of the same area and that's how you get gang wars.

Ibrahim S 

The way to resolve this issue is to invest in projects for youths who would otherwise fall into a trap of crime and manipulation. The mayor needs to stop whining and act

cary bary 

It’s sadiq khans fault. Mention him Itvnews.

Luther Child PURE'Z BLUD 

Back in the day it was just mostly fist fights and NOW it's all gone weapons ffs

QueenZara_ Rahman17 

This man is inspiring

Lt Enclave Soldier 

Just a part of living in a city

Carbonic Oyster 

No mention of austerity? You got used bruv.

Archibald Maule Ramsay 

Importing millions of third worlders is fueling violent crime in London.