Is Roehl Transport a good Company to Start With?


Understand this video was recorded

a Couple of years ago. With that said, there have been changes in the company. I added this to the description because I constantly receive comments about things that are different. It’s obvious many don’t pay attention to the details about videos posted, and especially the dates.

My Review and Opinion in response to the question: "Is Roehl a good company to start your CDL career?"

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Steve Flewelling 

Is the slip seating for real ,do they actually offer that if you want it ,i was looking at the 7/4 & 7/3

James Dewalt 

How do they work with people already with permits? Would I get a trainer right away?

Danny Stranahan 

When you go on your home time are you allowed to take your trucks home? I know with Melton they let you take the trucks home but I haven't been able to find anything on roehl as far as that goes.

Dieselviper Z51 

Do you take your permit part there or do you have go get before going there

geoff clarke 

Roehl has the best training program from all the companies I've researched. Calling a Recruiter Monday! Getting the ball started. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Keep ya posted as I roll. 😎

Eric Hilliard 

Choice M.A.S. - Are you still employeed with Roehl?

Pittsburgh kid 412 

You still with them? 6301 is my truck out of Gary

Ariel Avi 

Yo Papa, where you driving @ now, I noticed that you left. Where u at now? OTR? Local in NYC? What's up, holla @ ya boy, ✌️✌️

Ariel Avi 

What's really good pa?? I'm Pito from BK, East NY. I was looking @ Prime, Kllm & Rhoel. For me papa, if I make a minimum $45k with in the 1st few yrs, I'm good. Will I @ least make That??

Sterling Witherspoon 

Yo bro ive seen some ok videos on here about trucking and i must say you a real ass nigga bruh. Everything you said is 100 no stupid ass off topic things i hear. Thanks for the info my nigga.


I’d imagine Roehl is good for starting out. However, if I don’t have to run 3000 miles a week I won’t do it. It’s not about the miles, it’s the lack of pay. I was with Warner and they are horrible. I’m now with Barrnunn transportation and I don’t run any more than 2000 miles a week and I make $900-$1300 after taxes. I’m not stressed for miles because the pay is there. Look for a company that pays.

geoff clarke 

Stay safe out there, weather getting shitty!!

Wolves are at the Door 

Thank you brother for posting about orientation and the travel very helpful

Charles Hardman 

Been thinking of going to Roehl for van or refer just wondering if the pay is what they advertise i already have my class A cdl and just under a year experince that i could get proof my miles driven and been a 88M for about 14 years would the orientation and training be the same as brand new out off school or no experience?

Latisha Anderson 

I am so sorry I have to put this up,but ppl need to be aware of contracts that companies don't disclose until you go through all of these procedures.


You are correct. I went back and could not find it on the website. I'm thinking I had what I was reading on the forums about the amount in my head. My apologies.

I would enroll with Roehl today to get back on the road if that contract was not so one-sided. If there was a guarantee of offered miles - something like 2,000 miles per week - it would not be an issue. And I am talking about what is dispatched. If the driver turns down the loads, then they have no recourse. But if I sign that contract and you are not giving me the work, all you have to do is remind me that I am under contract and I am at your mercy. I have no recourse except to be treated like your slave. Personally, I would honor the contract completely, but I would expect to have a certain number of miles in return. 

The second thing is that I could drive 119,999

Latisha Anderson 

I am yelling this to the top of the mountain I love you you sound like you got your head on straight and that's what I love about a man the most. someone that is down to earth who got his head on straight who can tell it like it is without jerking off I love it and what I mean about jerking off is you give it freely without strings attached

Latisha Anderson 

I have an accident on my driving record and accept me with my accent I applied to prime inc and got approved but I had to second-guess prime inc a lot of people are flooding into prime inc and they heads too swolled. Now I'm just waiting for my year to finish with the accident I have on my driving record to apply with Roehl


I've contacted roehl and they told me different but I have had a good feeling with going with this company I feel when I'm able to the company will take me far


Do they put you in automatics or manuals? And are you able to choose between the two?

Kevin S 

I heard you have to pay for an inverter which they will install, but that the inverter will only run for two hours and then shut off for ten hours...Is that correct ? thanks

geoff clarke 

Thanks, I live in western Pennsylvania and I've been researching and consulting friends I know in the industry, one works for Roehl and absolutely loves it. I'm calling to speak with one of their recruiters. It's by far the best out of all the others I've looked into. Hope to break bread with you sometime. God bless, be safe and look forward to more videos. Peace!😎

Alex Quintero 

Thanks for your video,I'm searching which company it's better and I like your advice.

Damien Villeneuve 

This is a great review. I got a BA and more and more I am realizing that my education is worth jack. I have always been interested in becoming a truck driver and you have definitely convinced me into researching this company. I'm also a Canadian who just got work authorization. Thanks for being honest dude. Have you thought about running for President? LOL. Cheers bud.

Darius Meeks 

Smart man

Terrance Burks 

Do they design your route towards your home state?

Jahad Mallory 

Do they acknowledge medical marijuana patients?

Chris Gross 

So i used to be a pot head do they do hair follice testin or do they do piss tests?? i have been clean for a few months now.... so tired of factories and warehouses and driving is my destiny... thanks in advance...

Ginny Roy 

Thank you

Aaron Mcbride 

Roehls doesn't pay for your transportation

Kynly Cazeau 

Can you maintain a household with trucking

Bennett Rawls 

Thanks for ur recommendation im thinking abt roehl I appreciate that. you really helped me come to a decision.

Brandon Breaker 

what about drug testing?


Ive been talking to them a couple weeks now after applying. Im a school bus driver of 7 years. I got the CLP this last week. They want dry van midwest region dedicated. Im about 96% ready to go do it. Im not on a money quest. I want a better paying driving job and safety is job one. I like that and what Ive heard so far about their safety push. I dont think my knees could handle the flat bed requirements. Dry van and rig inspections should go well. I love being a bus driver but there is no money in it. I need to get a pension situation going. I was a single parent raising 3 boys. Youngest is 18 and out of school and working. Im not married and dont have ties to home other than time off and checking up on him while hes still at home. This seems like the right choice. I am concerned about health and stress more than money. Ive been doing with less money but healthy and happy. Thanks for the info.

Antonio Brewer 

Thank you for the info. All the videos I've watched yours is the only one I was able to watch all the way through.

Ginny Roy 

Did u say they do the driving test at the terminal or at a dmv

robert candelaria 

Im looking into Roehl and this video was very helpful. Thank you

Robert Gilkey 

What trucks are they running?

763 Charlie 

Great Vid Sir! So true! Stay away from negative Youtube vids. Experience it for yourself. Ask questions. Make sure the recruiter is legit. Went to a company few had anything good to say about and having the time of my life and making great money. Negative people love company in their misery. Don't pay attention to them, get your own opinion. Especially if the negative reviewer never worked for the company in question. And even if they did, you are only hearing one side of the story. There is ALWAYS another side to be told. Thanks again for this vid.

Jordan Derby 

Oh and btw just found your channel sick music man thro some big L in there

Jordan Derby 

Hey boss I have my class A been doing asphalt for 7 yrs had my license for 4 I drive a dump truck with trailer that I load equipment and bind down but I've never drove a 5th wheel. So I've been wanting to do flatbed just via I think it would be familiar. I just don't know about OTR stuff . I also just wanted to bring the dog . I assume I'd still have to take a course and whatnot. Any input would be great

rolling on trucker 

It makes the 3rd time trying out so I guess it looking good

rolling on trucker 

Yeah I just had a job interview over the phone with them I just had to round up a few more things other than my dot physical and drug testing will be scheduled so I guess I got the green light to come on out with roehl

Steven Mcclure 

I'm about to apply with them

Rashad Scott 

On top of doing my research and watching your videos as well as Raymond Gibbs video has convinced me to go with Roehl to get in their CDL program and start my trucking career. I am shifting from a career of 18 years to start a new career in trucking. Hit me up on email one day because I really want to chat with you more about your trucking experience at Roehl and get advice from you. email me at

Miguel Baez 

Just saw your video, glad to see another New Yorker made it, ... you sound like you from Brooklyn, just like me lol

juan oquendo 

Nice video second video thats convincing me to try Roehl instead of CRST.......THE BRONX IN THE HOUSE

The Kilted Biker Royal-Star 

Great video, thanks. I am looking to start the application process in December

KB Smoothtrucker78 

Is Roehl good company......Hell Naw lol just kidding yall I started at Roehl Transport myself agree with my man ChoiceM.A.S. 💯 still follow safe 7 to this day in trucking all truck companies got pros cons what out weights bad usually works stick out for at least 1year. Great video Choice stay safe blessed out there always #PUTGOD1ST #stoopgang #LOVEYOURSELVESMORE


Does Roehl have driver facing cameras?

T Regis