Is Civil Engineering a Good Major? | Does Civil Engineering have a good future? | 1% Engineer Ep 042


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Video description

In this episode we discuss if Civil Engineering is a Good Major? and if Does Civil Engineering have a good future? is civil engineering worth it? civil engineering career future

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Jake Voorhees 

What do you guys think about the destruction from Harvey and Irma and it's impacts on engineering careers? Cheers!

Dr. C 

Okay I'm currently a junior in high school and I'll be going to college soon and my favorite subject is math, but I'm not that good in science and English ( I can get good grades in those areas but I don't enjoy them as much) so far I've taken Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, currently taking Ap stats(confusing as hell but the math is really easy) & Math analysis (pre-calc) & next year I'll be taking Ap calc & I might take ap computer Science but I find it really boring so I most likely won't (sorry if I offend anyone) . Math is my favorite subject but I really see no point in majoring in math just to end up like a teacher when all I want to do is get payed to do math(what I enjoy).One of my teachers keeps telling me I should major in math or is some type of engineering. Aerospace sounds cool but I do not know if I'll actually like it because well it sounds cool, but since I've heard civil engineering has the most math maybe this one is right for me? I would really appreciate your opinion beca

Compartiendo con Pablo Linares 

Make a video about the universities that you recommend for studying civil engineering


I do not know which to be electrical engineer or civil engineer which ever one has less math

Danish Perwez 

Sir safety diploma with civil diploma is best or not

Omar Omar 

Definitely a Jew

Daniel Grutta 

For your second point, where would we put this infrastructure? There would be less land available. Would everything just be high rise?

prakash dayaram 

can you do a video about engineer vs architect and why engineer is better than architecture school?

ulfat adib 

say something about civil vs chemical e. or chem vs bio medic e.

Er. Lokesh Vishwakarma

Marat Bakhtygerey 

Hello are you reading comments? I asked you about Master of Civil Engineering before university what skills or information I Should know???


I’d love to see you make an app of some sort about becoming a successful engineer and stuff like that

Uzumaki Kuroko 

Hey Jake! I am entering college next month and decided to major in civil engineering. I don’t really know if civil engineering is right for me or is it really what I like, but I’ve always envisioned myself as a civil engineer since I was in elementary. I am not really good at presentation or talking in a group. And sometimes I stutter and run out of English since it is my second language, do you think they will judge me for that?

Also, is it true that if you did not go to a university or just went to a technical college(which is my plan, but just for 2 years then transfer to a university), it would be hard for you to get hired? Or companies look more of whether you have a license or not and what degree do you have? Thank you for the video btw, I find it very helpful☺️ Looking forward to your response😉

Phoenix Floyd 

Hi Jake! I have a question for you, this engineering offers different branches which is awesome, but...which one do you think is the best paid at the moment and in the future? And which is more suitable for the sustainable development/renewable energy field? Thanks in advance♥ n.n


hehe , so you use haarp just to get you more jobs?

Ankit Choudhary 

Have you made any vedio on civil engineering vs mechanical engineering?

Zeff Aesthetics 

Ayyy subbed brah

Vasil Vasilev 

Hi Jake, I would like to ask you a couple of questions:would you characterize civil engineering as exciting or being boring and dull? What is the maximum salary you can recieve if you reach the top 1%? What extra skills can you acquire in order to be more attractive for employers? Is getting an MBA worth it? Thanks in advance! 😀


Jake, I just started my career in civil engineering although I graduated almost 8 years ago. Most of what I do is stormwater drainage design and I was wondering if you've interviewed anyone else who does similar work. Also, wanted to know your thoughts on Trump's infrastructure plans and how that could potentially affect the industry, as well as pay for civil engineers. thanks!

Naz Naz 

Which program useful for highway graduate enginering for design & many things...?? Can you help me plz

Gabriel Andy Fono 

i like this video because it helps me to think about my career but i got some question because i am 26 years old and i wanna study civil engennering .am i old or can i keep up my projects?

Fahad samadi 

Hi i am studying civil engineering in china its so hard to understand i need ur suggestion and also i need books about base of civil engineering

Matthew Chapa 

i just started engineering school and dude you are awesome

Chelsea Rustik 

Although the job has become more secure. Does that mean more people are going to become civil engineers? Meaning harder competition for us.

IrL MrL 

Hey jake . Can u become an architect and a civil engineer at the same time . ? I'm a civil engineer , but I'm really interested in studying architecture . Will it be a waste of time for me to study architecture instead of looking for a job ?

Hamza Khan 

Can u do a video on civil engineering vs architecture plz plz plz....



Giga Katamadze 

Hey, loved your video. I have a question about engineering branches. i have to choose between electrical engineering and civil engineering. which one should i choose? which one has a brighter future?

Jess Late 

What do civil engineers actually do? By that I mean what do you do day to day at work. I am in second year civil engineering and its still not clear exactly what the job entails. I know there is planning and designs (do you spend all day drafting plans?) or is it lots of meetings with other engineers and business people etc.. ?

Asif Mostafa Anik 

Qualities of a successful structural engineer



Fernando Ceballos 

Killed it! Civil engineers are every day superheroes, we make this world livable and safer.


Can you make a video about anything related to aviation industry? or pilot? aerospace engineer?


Hey Jake I want to study civil engineering with a concentration in enviornmental engineering, however when I reserched this career field online I seen alot of people saying you get paid salary so you dont get overtime while working alot of hours. How true is this? Work life balance is important to me so this is discouraging

Moises Perez 

Hi Jake, thanks for this video. I am a Civil Engineering major at my community college but I am also greatly interested in majoring in Architecture. Since you spoke about the demand for Civil Engineers who will need to design new buildings, do you think there will demand for Architects and Architectural Designers?

Thank you in advance.

Need 1000 Subscribers 

Sir u r from which country?

Michael Brown 

Hey Jake, another nice vid, what do you think about making a video on how to network and build useful relationships,? I know its a hugely important part of industry and everyone talks about networking",but I am still somewhat unsure about the process and timeline of networking to job searching. Thanks!


You are way too close to the camera, your nose becomes too prominent and it becomes awkward to watch. In my case, your video becomes a podcast.

AF Math & Engineering 

Love the video buddy! There will always be a need for Civil Engineers! Also, thoughts go out to everyone affected by the Houston disaster.