10 iPhone Cases With Unexpected Features!


Draw With FIRE! | 10 Strange Chinese Products ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApwOfvgUkbQ

10 Strange Chinese Products ➡ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2RCybCObKE

Welcome to DOPE or NOPE! Join us today as we open 10 fun and strange iPhone cases with unexpected features! We'll unbox these 10 iPhone and smartphone cases, test them out, and let you know if they're worth the money or not! We hope you enjoy this hilarious video.

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noah payne 

At 3:03 why he point at micheal whe he said that

Dennis_the_Menace SoonerLife 

The reason there is a mirror on the mirror/brush case, is because Iphone camera's are trash. 🗑

Kendall beaudette 


Cloud Nine 

**hides home phone inside of desk**

Mr. Fizzy Gaming 


Gargi Saha_Das 



10:31 There was so much effort put in for that noise to come out of Matt.

James Farrell 

Who else was eating when Tanner spit into the phone case and lost their appetite?

This really upset me #DarknessForEternity+SadnessForEternity(But mostly #DarknessForEternity)


why isn't anybody talking about "helga" the phrase in Liza's vids.

Dylan Fortner 

Comment for cameron

dr predator gaming 


Xx WhiteTigerPaw xX 

2:08 *almost gets eye tooken out*

*goes back to his phone*

( IDK how to spell)

Emma DaVlogamer 

*Wait, this just came to my mind. What do they do with all these products?* 😂

Jenny Irizarry 

I think every time you press the mega dope button you should do a give away


A toilet seat is cleaner than a phone soooo 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

Mabel Pines 

That red case product reminds me of the Pokedex

Cole DeBiaso 


Jose Nieto 


Ramiro Ramirez 

I love your videos you make me laugh so hard that makes my day

Desiree' Smith 

I think Matt’s right about the radio waves the all objects use

ivana skodric 

21:58 Tanner:You are A MAN DA.

Matthias: That's my wife.

ivana skodric 

21:57 You're so STRONG.😂😂😂

Engelberth Bonilla 

Am I the only one to realize that the Chargemander is a Pokedex? Uncultured swine.

Idk _ Anymore 

“Wait till I have kids, I’m going to have twins 3 times”. - tanner

Ethan Valente 

U should put the tiny people next to the supreme brick into the phone case that had the pill thing

Trey King 

Why do u guys always pick on Michael

T.N St.George 

2:00-2:13 jeez Matt chill


So where is the one in the thumbnail?

gavin plays 

You can put weed in it


Unexpected features


Xxxkillerxxx Hox 

.jn.kn. m

Zaxb_ Lif3 

My name is legit kameron

GachaEdits Lia 

3:03 Tanner: "wait till I have a kid"

Me: you ain't getting one anytime soon."

Tanner:" but I could have three twins!"

Me: Sure good luck finding girl to ask out lol!"

Tanner" I'm good looking I can find myself a hot I said HOT!!!!!!!!!!Girl ;)

Me: "you wish with that dumb wink of yours you will never make it through the torture of finding a HOT girl."-_-


Daniela Ferrer 

Does anyone else get super curious when Youtubers blur things like what’s hidden!

Lyra's Art Studio 

there’s a little sticker thing that takes the radiation and turns it into light energy that you can put on the back of your phone, so u can still have a normal case. the radiation from your phone can actually be really harmful and cause sleep problems and more, and it can make you more susceptible to cancer.


That is a Pokedex from the canto region of Pokemon and y'all called it a DS? I'm shook.


Welcom to Dope or Nope this is a channel where we buy things and review them and then we throw things at each other

DMMB Myers 

Bring back Brian

DiamondFox Plays 

I have a home phone

Pro Motion 

What do they do with all the stuff they buy

Bradack Benefield 

When matt was talking about the hair brush and the mirror he said he could only see 1/4 of his nose and I was saying welllllllllllllll you do have a big nose

Super cool Kid 

Dog butt

Emma Davis 

R.I.P Taners nose

Rissa Sips Tea 

Woweeee Matts hands sure were mad today

Kelly Bursey 

Did you guys know the dogs mouth is the cleanest thing in the world.lt is

Adair Carlin 

wait did u buy a phone for this!?!??!?!?!

Nick Rhymes 

Ouch my German heritage whyyyyy

abby ripplinger 

I'm living for Matthias' "surprised" faces for the thumbnail 😂😂

Presley French 

What about shoe gadgets ?????

Michael Fletcher