Introduction to Analytics | Analytics for Beginners Course (Part 1)


Jigsaw Academy presents analytics for beginners. Learn the fundamentals of analytics in a fun way @

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Khalid Omar 

Well done


this is really cool but i think you have a beach imspeciment

Duarte Palhinha 

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now I am showing her my true potential


bucket loads of common

Erik P.T. 

Awesome so it's just applied pre-statistics.

Got it I just gotta brush up on my statistics and take advanced statistics to decode this language.

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This is an awesome introduction to analytics video..


Great explanation. Thabx

Nivatha Sri 

Nice Video. Thanks for sharing valuable information. it’s really helpful. Who wants to learn this video most helpful. Keep sharing on updated video.

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Sha Dreamer 

What video maker u r using

Naga Manickam 

Nice Video. Thanks for sharing valuable information. it’s really helpful. Who wants to learn this video most helpful. Keep sharing on updated video.

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Skk Kks 

Excellent explanation and knowledge...Great job.

abhi patil 

thank you for uploading this video..jigsaw.. luv u.. now im intrested in this field...ill make my career in this field...


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Khurram Ahmed 

Examples are good but really unable to understand simple definition of Analytics

Ifeanyichukwu E.J Anya 

please part two. very good introduction to analytics

Ram priya 

Wow it is really wonderful and awesome thus it is very much useful for me to understand many concepts and helped me a lot. it is really explainable very well and i got more information from your Video.

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cross crise 

Where is the 2nd part!!!

Aglemorty Games 

bad tutorial

Risheeking The Travelling Scooter 

thanks a lot for the superb video! really well made!

Ujwal C 

Learnt, enjoyed

Makiko Kotobuki 

Oh My God! That’s a super awesome yet very informative video. Totally going for the course

Ashish Mishra 

examples taken are good.good for a beginner.

Shaifali Saxena 

analysis examples & explanation , eg taken of Netflix helps to understand the better anlaysis and can be used for growth of the company

sandy star 

that is a very good video. i was able to understand every concepts. thank you for sharing this.

Winay Mahajan 



Where can i watch 2nd part

Ben G Kaiser 

so good, I am glad more people are sharing benefits and courses for data analytics!

Vyshakh CR 

where I can watch the part 2 of this video

sanjay mahana 

Good KS

tushar pandit 

beautiful video

Aryan Bayas 

will there be job scope for analytics or it will be taken away by machine learning?


there is no techniques involved

amit paul 

Excellent explanation.. simple and to the point.

Sachin Motgi 

very good video explaining data analytics..

silvestru gh murgu 


Enoch Abban 

This is great work. My data phobia attitude is over. Thanks so much

Data Science Tutorials 

Good introduction of anlaytics

Abner LP 

I normally have a hard time with indian accent, but this guy is very clear and has a nice pace.

Abhilash S Aradhya 

Superb Explanation!!!!Keep up the good work....Expaining through pictures is very easy to understand and the retention capacity is also very high...Nice conceptualization

Duggiralapati Vasanth kumar 

it was a great video its helps and its easy to understand thanks for uploading this video

Jeff Neuser 

Insightful and amazing.

Indra Kant 

very helpful to understand the importance of data in our real world also helped to visualize the future of analytics

Hans Hes 

Thank you for this, really enjoyed watching; well presented and very informative.


I understand the importance of data analysis and am interested in a job in this field, my only concern is that computers are not far from now are going to be able to spot these trends on their own which could lead to problems looking for a future job