Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio 2


Fuel your creativity and bring your ideas to life on our most powerful Surface yet. Now 35% faster, with 50% more graphics performance and a stunning 28” PixelSense™ Display, the new Surface Studio 2 is the ultimate creative studio.

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microsoft you gotta see this!

João Vitor Rodrigues 

i wonder what will microsoft do next, cause it's kinda hard to beat this... this is perfection

Zechariah Wilkerson 

When you friends come over to you house and say I GOT A IPHONE X we gona say OK (LOOK WHAT I GOT) THEY GONA SAY CAN I PLAY ON IT. We are gona say NOPE

dk djk 

iMac pro is more worthy even it is 1500$ more expensive.

Way more better cpu

way more better or same gpu

same but more upgradable ram

better storage

better ssd speed

better software and also windows available

but well that surface is touch screen

Jack Owen Bula 

So it's the brother now, I missed her 😔

Norman Borden 

Y’all The IMac pro is QUAKING rn 😭🤣😂

Smiley Riley Draws 

If my parents let me get this Imma be spoiled


Бляяяя почему так ДОРОГО??


Meh I'll stick with a normal desktop at least I can upgrade my specs graphics cards and RAM and screen . These surface devices are pacifically made for transplants and gentrifiers that are upper middle-class to rich people . Who don't really know about tech and who are nothing but a bunch of corporate mindless consumers at the end of the day .


Все рекламы Microsoft просто шидевральны

John Paul 

Watching on my Surface Studio 2 😍

Erremarco B 

I want it now, you give it to me? 😁

Dante Muchengwa 

Sorry but I choose Mac and windows I WANT BOTH

Links the Cat 

Wow, it looks cooler than the freezing, icy weather outside! 😂

fnaf 12345 

Pls send me a mystery box

Ahad Khan 

Excellent. Please beat Apple Microsoft. Go ahead....


I remember when it was once cool to own a Mac lol


Say what you want about their products but their reveal videos are just stunning. Go back and watch the original surface laptop and surface studio introductions. Pure art


Does the pen still suck tho?

Penhalion Wolfe 

Saving for one of these! I need this in my life!

Santiago Pazos Cambeiro 

I just got mine a week ago and what an amazing joy. Firstly I ditched my MacBook for Surface Pro and I was impressed. And then my iMac died and went for this one. Amazing.


Dios esta hermoso, es algo que cuando tenga dinero me compraría pero de aquí a eso seguro sacan cosas mas buenas pero si me regalan una yo no me enojo xd.

julio y su xbox Gamer xd 

Porfa díganos de la nueva consola like si no tienes gold yo si xd


Check the new iMac Pro.

Omar Alkhass 

My wallet found out I wanted this and now it’s not talking to me. Help.

William Friedrich 

I don't like Windows as much as Mac OS, but I would love for Apple to do something like this with Apple Pencil support. Microsoft did a wonderful job. If Microsoft sold this design as a stand alone computer monitor people would definitely buy it.

Steve Jobs 

Copied Apple’s background design and iPad pencil’s magnetic concept



Samid Delic 

Looks like a ipad pro

SS G4 

I wish Microsoft got millions of subs

Leonard Ihangwe 

What about new best Microsoft smartphones.... I really miss them # Microsoft

Danieldoes Gaming 



Subscribe to my channel Of games are good

Simone Lucente 

madooo che bomba questa volta apple vi fa una pippa


The Surface Studio 1 video might be the best ad I've seen for any product. Ever. You guys should have left it on this channel as a case study.

coolboy552157 two butkus 



Plz Smash the apple.

Henry Edge 

only 4096 levels for presure my 250 dollar drawing tablet has 8191

Manash sangam 

There is lot to work on the hardware though.


Copyrighted the pen is attach to the side of the right u Copy apple i use apple not u microsoft

Gansito 70 

Compren Bungie es su oportunidad para halo

Niccolò Valeri 

Goodbye apple!

For ever Microsoft

Disent Design 

but wht does it contain laptop style hardware?



Sourav Kumar 

It's so beautiful than I ever say in words.....

gamer gam3r 


In rocket league for the Xbox one,i am kind of dissapinted..

Why are the people in the backround eggs?!

Kevin Sulski 

Anyone know the name of the song in this?


*apple’s iMac pro has left chat*


this costs more than my life

j.k. 123