International Women's Day protest in Seoul, South Korea


As the world's women press for progress chants of 'me too' are heard in Seoul, South Korea, as hundreds of people demonstrate on International Women's Day

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Rudolph Rumpskin 

Mi thuuu💦

kevin kevin 

Speak korean...

Kwanhee Lee 

Korean feminists never fight for gender equality. They stand up for only women, not the disabled, elderly or children. Such things for only women are everywhere, parking lot, waiting room, apartment with cheap rent.

It seems to me women are seen as the disabled so as to live EQUALLY as men.

Korean prostitutes get money from our taxes thanks to the damnable city of Incheon. Now how we men are treated in reality. We've got to do the military service for 2 years. My brother did it and got seriously injured during the time and is still suffering yet the military didn't get him any kind of compensation at all. That's how the country pays men for their honourable services. The feminists claim that they are likely to get paid less than men because of gender when they just want to get paid like men on lower workforce.

They keep spreading such hatred towards men among other women. What I never understand is the women who keep silent.

It is not going to be good for both men and women. A few c

Taehun Lee 

와우!!! 워마드집회!!! 국제망신!!!

Shabdik Acharyya 

It sounds like 'be too' crazy people

sweet dreams 

since most of the comments here are uneducated or sound like a bunch of trolling 10 yearolds the purpose of this protest is to stand for victims/woman who have been harassed in the work place and nothing being done about it. feminism is about bringing woman up to the same level as men not bringing them higher. i hope the victims get justice!

Mike Hock 

Bee too

“Bee too”


They are north korean


Feminism is gender equality not female superiority.If a 'feminist' is accusing that ALL men are 'rapists' and are constantly 'eye raping' females;they are not a feminist.Don't get it twisted.Real feminists come in all forms, religion,gender and culture does not matter and feminists would also have no problem fighting for men,children and the lgbt community.


They use Nazi culture on their site.

Jason Lim 

When will the metoo for Korean men forced into conscription while women get a free pass come along? metoo for Korean men!

Hitler DidNothingWrong 



How the (((Feminism))) does infect and destroy the nation.

Peter Chanukah 



that's why you have a 0,96 child rate per woman!


If Korean Men still continues to discriminate and ill treat their own women,

then the Korean race will become EXTINCT 50 years from now


Wow! You've do mess up other people's life with politics! And... "Me too!"


I'm living in republic of Korea and what I want to say is feminism has been changed. Most of Korean feminist including women&family department minister and many feminist celebrities insist that most of men are rapers and criminals. Korea women use ME TOO in bad purpose, and many innocent men were socially buried. Most of people know that something is going wrong but most of Korean medias are still advocating feminist. They are spreading victim mentality to general women, and Korea is changing like Newzeland and Spain...


에휴 쪽팔려 씨발

SousPoid 98 

All they want are two pieces of meat! Meat two!

j twinny 

why are people acting like korea isnt one of the most sexist countries out there. i can understand it being silly in america sometimes but i agree koreans should stand up to social injustices in their country.

Liz Velazquez 

I’m going to get a lot of bad comments but it makes me SO HAPPY to see them fighting for they rights, to stop all this sexist society that thinks that Asian culture has no gender issues even know it does have and a lot, i love seeing all this beautiful and amazing woman (and men) getting involved in this fight against the machismo ♥️

Alice J 

Cancer is spreading everywhere

now youn 

they looks stupid as f😂

Twisted Tales 

Are there men in the crowd🙏😖😔😨😥😱😷😭




ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 한국 꼴페미년들 댓글들보고 어리둥절 하겠노 "어무나 내가 그렇게나 빨아재끼던 양남들이 어떻게 이럴수가 있징~" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 페미는 암이다

NoPain NoGain 

B2? oh, me too.

Ah ha master grass hopper

S B 


Sucker Free 

A lot of unmade sandwiches are being neglected.

YeiddE G 

Alright now I'm rooting for North Korea

sound bite 

Nothing wrong with a peaceful protest, but didn't know that sexual misconduct was such an issue in South Korea. I would have thought the primary concern right now though would be to protest in support of women in NK trying to feed their children, and making sure they have the proper healthcare etc.

Jerardo Vazquez 

Oh god over there. Too 😫

Go make me. Rice

nasra shafiqi 

Meat two meat two 😐 nice try but...say it in Korean plz

savage t Aesthetic Knight 

I know, and thank you for the support, but can I just have some money? 💲💲💲❓❓

savage t Aesthetic Knight 

I want some kimchi. Like frfr.


Don't let the women free!! This will be your destruction!!

Uncle Nuts 

Every woman I know who is a feminist is very ugly and one of the following: a lesbian, single with no prospects, divorced, or married to a soy boy. They are all angry yet have poor self esteem.

Joseph James. 

It would appear that "feminism" is the new communism... The domino effect is real!!!!


I guess they’ve all been sexually harassed

RickK RocKStar 


These people must not be starving in the street, because they have time to play and not work.

Liberalism is spreading a mental illness worldwide.

They hold english signs, but complain about the USA,

That shows complete stupidity.

Gloria Hatch 



Us is destroying the world


Quite a coincidence that when Actors start something others follow. DO YOU SERIOUSLY BELIEVE ACTORS INFLUENCE THE WORLD? Hahah. What a joke

Ross Harris 

Why in english? Premeditated bias ???

we fool 

white western feminist got them too!

Thecontrodude proversial 

Me too

Ford Prefect 

I always thought that Asian people are above all this BS.

Dick Butt 


Susan Thomson-Lafosse 

Justen Trudeau is a great feminist, he is also a great fool and an embarrassment to western society,Guess what more and more people think of the new feminists and me too, Were fed up me too I’m sick of feminist.