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Inkyโ€™s injury didn't turn him into an inspiration.

It just showed the world the inspirational life heโ€™s been living all along. Executives, sports teams, church members, and young people all benefit from the raw energy of his charismatic speaking. Whether the topic is leadership, teamwork, or perseverance, Inky inspires his audiences to embrace the challenges of life.

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Luke St. Peter 

Or the 23 dislikes are from Air Force football fans.

Luke St. Peter 

The 23 dislikes are from Satanโ€™s descendants.

Luke St. Peter 

Inky please come to my school in Vt. Itโ€™s called st. Francis in winooski.

Marquetta Reed 

Inky the goat!!! Love you Ink!!

Travis Darden 

Iโ€™m trying to fathom who are the 22 miserable souls that hit the dislike button on this message? How could they not be inspired? This message is phenomenal! Inky is outstanding!

brent Wilcox 

for those of you that put a thumb down...why? don't hate on this young man because he is SO positive...his message should help you "change" from the inside...inky, this one is so powerful....delays are not always to make us upset...sometimes, we are spared something tragic...inky, i listen to your message every day....i share these with my, "hopefully" spark a fire in others...keep spreading the good news my your heart, your perspective and you love for helping others...change the world young man...GOD is using you in big ways..

Bella Torres 

This is crazy maybe one of the worst but Good day of my life...... I canโ€™t even believe I came a crossed you with no hope to live a person that worries about life more than anything !! If it wasnโ€™t for inky I donโ€™t even know if I would be saying this right now because of bullying and depression and anxiety.... I thought it was over for me but then I see like wow God did something extremely tremendous in your life but now on mines thank you because sometimes you think you donโ€™t have no body and then someone life you makes us think other wise thank you!!! Inky your a blessing!!!๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ข

Courtney Stephen 

Inky is a leader with a story we can all relate to. Itโ€™s not about the challenge itself and how it manifests. Whatโ€™s more important is our mindset, our drive, our commitment, our values. He is a inspiring every single time! Definitely, one of the Speakers I look up to and model after.

ellasia evans 

you should never give up in your life keep trying to you make where you want to be don't lie don't steal keep going to you make it all the way

Mason Lamb 

This guy has changed my whole perspective of life

Sunni Wilkinson 

I read that same article. I have admired the stories of survival.

Nekoda Phillip 

Speak The Word brother! God continue to strengthen and Bless You!

Tim Kreamer 

Ink you are the best that ever did it man, the/your mind is a powerful tool.

Thulani Thembani 



I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos and messages. Truly inspiring. You speak with such conviction. Thank you!!

Thabang Makgenepye 

I Thank God for you bra. You are impacting so many lives in a good way. Thank you, thank you, and thank you may the great God keep you en ur loved ones alive and grant you all the joy and prosperity


Powerful content, powerful impact!

Cavan Thompson 

I hope this guy lives a great and prosperous life also inki your rihgt thank you

carlos taylor 

Thank you ink

Andy Thomas 

I get so excited when you post something your message means so much to me please keep preaching and teaching

Daniel Davis 

Thanks ink. You help me every time I hear you.

Nigel Jamal 


David Sayimright 



Please upload the full video Mr. Inky


Great message! Donโ€™t stop your life purpose even though your dealing with difficulties, handicaps, pain of whatsoever. Keep your life purpose on fire!

Kingori Ebbie 

Thank you brother.I can relate...

chelseafc fanforever 

Wish i could see the full video. This has helped me so much.

Matt Olive 

Great stuff ink

Joshua Eberly 

U inspire people inky I watch your inspiring videos all the time