Incredible WW1 Military Vehicle Convoy Steam Through Dorset 11/8/18


What an incredible sight in the 21st Century

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the the end of the First World War and to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Great Dorset Steam Fair. A special WW1 Convoy was organised to run from the Tank museum at Bovington to Tarrant Hinton at the Show Ground. This film covers the the convoys journey from Bovington to Blandford Forum.

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Bruder Boy 

Amazing to see. No stupid music and a very steady camera. WELL DONE!



The Gaming Nerd 

Whu do you have a British tank in America???

EDIT: Unless this is in the U.K

Bernie Com 

Oh my God!! This is amazing I have never seen so much live working machinery of this caliber, First World War Military Vehicle, I only saw some of these in old films here on YouTube. But to see this in excellent filming this is a Five ***** incredible film, Thanks great job and most of all great vehicles.

Jody Reeder 

Chris Chrisofferson, eat your heart out


Are those working clock hands on the front of the larger tractors boilers? If so Amazing touch.

Anja Tarnutzer 

This old Steamies may not for sale to export them out of england.

The Brits should reproduced this wonderfull Lokomobile to export this all over the worlkd. That will be a big business. I will buy one for shure.

Shaikh Khalaf 

From where you get amazing 1940 good to see this memorable.


I bet all those SMLE’s are welded up and pegged.

Dan Elisha 

imagine if WW1 never happened the place would be over crowded by all the suckers that were killed and maimed for ABSOLUTELY nothing..your countryside boasts many german built cars!

Grzes Piast 

Steam punk in its pure form.


Excellent video and incredible display indeed !!


very cool oldies. great vid.

Alo Angami 

Nice display...... Salute to all the war heroes.

Samse Shanu 

പഴയ ഓർമ

Paulo Fernando Gonçalves 

Huge hug from Buenos Aires Argentina

Eric Ward 

So majestic


I would love to go and see this in person! I love that they preserved these equipment. Thanks for sharing!

gian singh palampuria 



The hard work the Restoration Team put in to give life to these bygone days iron horses is indeed praise worthy. Bouquet from India.

John K J 

really fantastic


I remember watching a Steam Rally slowly chuff-chuff its way through the streets of Chester, far too many years ago.. (around 1975 I think, I was 13 then..). It made a HUGE impression on me at the time. We watched from the Rows on upper Bridge Street so had a grandstand view of each engine as they went past. I didn`t count them but I`m almost certain there were around 20 different vehicles at least. I can still smell the coal burning and see the clouds of steam and smoke in my minds eye. Ahhh, Nostalgia.. :)

Edit:- 12:12 Was that Baldrick bringing up the rear?? LOL :)


100 years. A lifetime ago. It's amazing how far technology has progressed from these iron behemoths.

Mars Man of Marvel 

Amazing Machines!!!.......This was the Start of It All!!!!.......Great Video!!!...The Sounds Are Incredible!!!

Jedi Knight buckley 

Amazing especially with the tank the allies secret weapon of the Great War

don pito lindo 

Imagine hearing that sound 13:29 coming up your street @3a.m like in a war.

Da, Vin 

Кто дизлайки ставит,я вас в рот ебал! Молодцы,вот это я понимаю музейный экспонат!!

Tu te Kohe 

The Holt 60 on the original Low-Loader under triple power is brilliant!

1101 RO 


Panther Platform 

_I like the last one that whistles the high notes_ ♪♪


It's amazing how quiet steam is compared to ICE at low speeds. Imagine modern diesels with the same pulling power as those tractors. They would hurt your eardrums if you stood next to them like this camera man did

Falbert Forester 

21:50 : And the lads all marched away to war...


machinery works after 100 years. buy a mercedes today and it will work 5 years while breaking down every year.


so cool seeing that old tech

Olaf Kreator 

Looking at these vehicles no wonder frontline wasn't moving much lol.


Back when Men were Men and Cocaine, Marijuana and Meth were still Legal. As good drugs of course

Andy Proper 

What do the up arrows stand for ?

fern Haloo 

Mr. Monty Python asks "but why Dorset"?

Gene Statler 

Thank you very much for this wonderful video. I found it to be interesting and entertaining. Greetings from an old guy in the USA. I've been fortunate to have enjoyed your great country several times. I love it.

Francisco Buendía 

Hacía falta valor para ir a la guerra con esos cacharros. Y fueron, que es lo grande.


my fav part is at 6:15 when the guy pans into focus rolling the steam train by hand??? haha

Graham Parr 

Who the hell gave permission for these hooligans to be tearing around our rural highways.

Danny Poor Boy 

Unbelievable thank you all so much for this . Truly fantastic what a pleasure to see. xox

nick name 

Vehicles were interesting but men playing WW1 dress up is a little weird..."there's a good laddy, now off to the trenches in Verdun for a bit of mustard gas"..


Did the originals have rear wheels with all steel wheels for "off road use" ?

Boyan Mladenov 

Very impressive footage, I really enjoyed, thanks

Vedant C.S. 

Even the soldiers are walking like Charlie Chaplin most appropriate for that time and age. :)


By the time the steam tractors get those tanks to the front the war will be over.

Rural Property in Spain 

No On Board computers to worry about there running you up massive garage bills :-)

Miguel Angel Olivera 

Maravilloso desfile. Es un placer verlo.