Incredible Apartment Renovation

638123 views Watch this apartment get a complete renovation in just eight minutes. Paul Ryan talks us through this incredible renovation project by Soderberg Apartment Specialists. We see the entire process from before and after shots and timelapse imagery.

The Soderberg Apartment Specialists World Record Renovation Team set out to see how fast they could do a complete renovation of an apartment: new flooring, new windows, new stainless steel appliances, new cabinetry, new paint, new furniture, new lighting fixtures, new window treatments, new granite counter tops, everything.

The team was already working on a 300 unit complex in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota called Lake Pointe. The complex is getting a complete overhaul. Soderberg Apartment Specialists have been renovating apartment complexes like this for over 25 years, so they wanted to challenge their team to see how fast they could renovate one apartment safely.

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Chelsea Fricke 

What a shit job lol

Luigi Cotocea 

Fast but...........Money

Cyna Joy 

Countertop isn’t granite, it’s laminate. Not that there’s anything wrong with laminate.....


No plywood under the granite? Isn't that necessary?


Oh. This is why things are always going awry in apartments 😒

Ivana Cullen 


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Car Fan 

Wish my apartment complex would do this.

ErikaJoy's life 

More pls

Gal Yosef 

i recommend on


Just so u all know...., "RICK ROSS GOT MAN BOOBS!"

That is all

mary shaffer 

Loved renewable housing.

Sonny Moon 

yes i was wondering about that toilet ! hehe

Sonny Moon 

HAHAHA that unit is a familiar sight !!!! i think every landlord has seen that exact view at least once !!!! well, at the low end though i have heard stories of high end places with the same problem happening. of course most of us see it from the streets only but now we know what the inside looks like ! once i was part of a crew to clean out an abandoned hotel in hopes to remodel it, wow was that a mess. been abandoned for decades. turned out after all that cleaning the place was bulldozed. oh well !

Rusty Wati 

Wow, keren

Kir U 

Doesn't look like a very safe place to work. Both the materials flying and the stress factor. I hope it's just this one apartment for the record.

The style sucks too👎


I need these guys.

Perry Young 

rick ross got man boobs

Stephanie Murray 

I would so not like to live in an appartement that was renovated in hours ,,,, I know how long good work takes to do and corners should not be cut ,,,,

Akriti Jain 

Great man


Cheap renovation, like other people I noticed nothing was put down under the wood flooring. That will make for a very noisy floor.

Boo-boo Lip 

Not impressed.

Boo-boo Lip 

Fast and half ass.

Susan Hamilton 

Paint over dirt. Oooo yeah! Avoid this company.


for sure i will not sacrifice quality for speed. speed in renovation or construction should not forego doing the work properly. those walls did not look cleaned up nor the floors before putting in the paint or the flooring. same goes for the toilet area. sigh.

Heidi Matthews 

The walls are really bad!


Looks great.

Nail Wizz Tech 

We have a show here in the UK called 60 minuet makeover , they do a really slap dash job !!!! The US show has better standards x

Sarah White 

Where were these guys when hurricane Harvey flooded my house? 6 and a 1/2 months later I just now got back in my house.

Melvin Morales 

the cords should be hidden

Christine Shultz 

This would have been so annoying as a worker having dozens of other workers wondering around while you're trying to do your job

Regina Estrada 



So someone just happened to leave a brand new mattress with one strategic piece of graffiti on it?

Jazmyne Drakeford 

why would you even want to put art and furniture into a place that was painted less than an hour ago?

Jazmyne Drakeford 

Is it me or does it look like they purposely trashed this apartment before the renovation just for this video?


I have spotted a conflict in the kitchen..

The base board heater in set too close to the

dishwasher.. The door on the washer can't open

more than 10 to 15 %.. It will be impossible to

use if you can't get the door open far enough

to load and unload it..

velia garcia 

Wow wow wow. I hope the kitchen cabinets don’t fall.

Britni Bliss 

Lol all that money was spent just to be done half assed and those new renters will sure be over joyed with chunky wall paint from demolition and creaking floor boards!

Sheree Morgan 

The floor wasn't done correctly!

Sheree Morgan 

The tenant or tenants were pigs!


Gosh that looks so much fun! I miss doing work like that when I was younger. Good times.

manahil Imran 

Why every renovation they do the house have graffiti on it.

Sana Rizvi 

Waoooo sooo amazing

Claudia Orgill 

Wow!!!! This is great, if I could afford to renovate my kitchen and bath room, I would definately used these guys, go to work and come home to a nice kitchen and a lovely bathroom


Didn't even put any kind of glue on the floor to hold the laminant down!!

Digby Dooright 

Why's everyone being so critical. I thought it was neat and they did a great job. Regardless, it looked a hell of a lot better than when they started!!



Always Late 

I would be happy to find somebody that would show up and do the work PERIOD

susan dupree37 

Do mine well instead of fast please!

Juancarlos79 Giovanna20 

Did anybody notice a microwave I don't see it👀