Illustrator Tutorial: Logo Design For a Music Band


Whether you're a musician or a music band, getting a logo design that's unique can be a challenge, so in todays Illustrator tutorial I'll go over my whole design process of creating a logo for a band called "Let's Eat Grandma" and hopefully this will help you create your own logo.

The music band I'm creating this logo has a pretty unique name, so it was easy to come up with some ideas that could make the logo stand out and have at least one element that can be used on t-shirts and merchandise.

I've started in Illustrator CC with a pretty standard font and used it as a stencil, then traced those letters, added an effect to them and created something that makes it stand out.

I can see how this process can work for starting musicians, DJ's and even bands.

Hopefully this Illustrator tutorial helped, let me know if you've enjoyed this short tutorial and if you'd like to see more don't forget to Subscribe to the channel!

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Hi! Pentru cat se face un logo in Romania ?

Simple Designer 

amazing video as always , keep it up bud <3


It's a fork, not a spoon, or a spork at best. Had to watch it twice before figuring it out

Türkçeyi Öğrenelim 

I think if you use both of spoon and comma in one logo it will be nicer and doing a little bit of adjustments to R letter to look more

fit .. nice work :D


No.1 because look unique

Yannis WS 

I'd go for 2, cool video ^^

Graphic Design How To 

Nice tutorial!!


I needed more time to decide, but number 1

Ramadan Al Najjar 

You can help me get some great fonts ?

Abim Alaisah