I-Team: Lottery agents cashing in at their own stores

D G 

This probably explains why I never win lol. Listen i know it's gambling....I gamble but c.mon.


He's probably stealing them from the real winners. telling them they did not have winning tickets

Bread Winner 

How sway?

Eloy Ruiz 

Please test this place they stole from me on November 2016

That time the clerk’s

Nick name: was LUCKY he check my ticket & I remember the lotto machine played music & I told him that means I won & he say to me NO you did not win nothing,

Then I ask for my ticket then he told me: I all ready destroyed & I all ready through in the trash but I know it was winer ticket because the lotto machine played the jingle.

I know he did not destroy my ticket.

Chevron Gas station ⛽️

3607 Wurzbach Rd

San Antonio, TX

John Cena 

Yeah its not fair..and I believe 90 percent of all lottery retailers are cheating and taking the winners..that explains why I can't even find a 100 winner their taking them and zapping them day and night

Xavier Mateo 


John Doty 

they need to put self service machines for lotto so no retailer can touch the tickets. It's bulls--t , we can't win big because the retaliers are cheating us.

Robert Sickinger 

I bet that if you check into the vast amount of the people opening these lottery gas station quick marts are from other countries and are kiss poor when they get here and all of a sudden have capitol to open these places! Were dose that money appear from? I know that America spends billions of dollars on foreign aid to these corrupt leaders in the third world.Are we footing the bill on buying our own country back.If you check into it I bet it is a long line of stolen aid money.

I Play 2 Win Truth Seeker 

I knew it LoL 🤣😃