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***GAB GAB BEACH*** it is not Gap Gap beach. oops....

Hello My Youtube Family! So Sofia and I made it all the way to Guam to visit my Husband that is currently deployed here. I am so thankful that we are able to visit my husband here, I know that there are a lot of families that are not so lucky and are not able to visit their spouses. Deployments are hard, especially when you have a little one, but it is so important to stay connected with your loved ones. If you know someone that is deployed or serving in the military, reach out to them and say how much you appreciate them.

I hope you enjoyed today's video, stay tuned for next weeks video! :)

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Jeremiah Ytelug 

Welcome too Guam!


i miss guam so muchhh :( hafa adai to all the chamorros!

Marm1 Mustafa 

Best place I have been to is Guam. Love all 3 months there. I got married there . Thanks for sharing.

Mr Zoom Duarte 

. The female n the video is beautiful.

E vazkee 

All that at Two lover's point wasn't there in 91'-92'...just the lookout. I've snorkeled and dived all over on Guam. GabGab is nice. Go Navy!

E vazkee 

Why not Frisco to Japan then Guam?

Vi Ma 

My best friend loved your video, She is from Yigo, Guam but since 2008 she lives in Tijuana, BC, Mexico. She always talks to me about how beautiful the island is and how the culture and food is amazing. Espero y hayas disfrutado tu estadia y gracias por compartirlo con nosotras! 💞👏

AU Reyes 

I am here in Guam for 6 yrs but did know where is Gap Gap beach, maybe inside the base.. you are lucky .

Sarah Uncangco 

You need to go to Marlbo Cave...spring water and you can see the deep blue pacific ocean.

Yona99 Yona671 

Welcome to Guam

Danica Kate 

You guys should've tried jamaican grill!!


cool~ I think Guam is very beautiful :) I also went to Guam a few days ago with ma family. come to my channel and check it out thx


I live on Guam! LOL


dam u hot

DG Class 

Hi Patricia! I recently found your channel, my fiance is currently stationed in Korea for a year and we will be PCSing to Guam next year, he is in the AF. I have a couple questions for you, maybe you can solve some of them.

Were you already living in Japan at the time of his deployment?

How long are you stationed in Japan for? and does that mean that they can get deployed anytime regardless of where they are stationed (let's say if its for a limited time, like we would be in Guam for 3 years and then due to PCS again) I don't know if that makes sense.

Gracias!! hope to hear back from you soon.

Jodan Lee Campos 

watching your video made me miss Guam. I used to live there from 1994 to 2004. Currently I live in Columbus Ohio. I'm just curious, is your husband still in GUAM?


Welcome To Guam👌🏼❤️

Patrick Quenga 

Guam is my home, but now I live in San Antonio TX. Miss Guam!


Why dont you go to the cultral places lol. Even better trust me :)

Anthony Barrow 

I lived in Guam back in the 70s in a town called Merizo on the southern end .I loved this place.

Nick Carlos 

Good video,I’m planning to Guam in November for celebrate my 24 birthday. Thanks for sharing these beautiful views.

Jaise Laurel 

Loved it , had a good laugh about the make up and hair. Makes me wonder how the girls here on Guam do it too 😂 anyway thanks for this blog ! I love watching people’s point of view of my home, well the good ones at least ☺️

DanielJon Ross Benavente 

Born and raised 🇬🇺🇬🇺

Leaf Q 

You should check out the Chamorro Village. I believe one night (I think it's Wednesday's) they have one heck of a multi-function cultural event. It is a "Must go-to" place especially when you're visiting the island. Great video you posted. Thanks for sharing.

David Tracey 


Kram Yddob 

I'm wondering how this lady really looks. Her makeup is nice, but It would be nioce to actually see the person's face!

Kenneth McConnell 

Guam is a Awesome place. I got to live there for a couple of years. Thanks to Uncle Sam (Navy) we were there back in the early 90’s. Thanks for the video’s. Brought back lots of memories


i live on guam and im so sad i didnt watch this sooner

Skye Karley 

Here is also a good video for life on base. https://youtu.be/s5cJ6ckWTlc

Hayz 671 

Wow I really miss Guam so much I was born there and I just miss everything about it . I moved to japan when I was little and it’s been 8 years since I haven’t been to Guam .

Eileen Mori 

You can also stroll around the island & see a few legends around inarajan or Umatac .

Eileen Mori 

You should go to Tagåta in Tamuning at night it's really beautiful ❤

Wassup Internets! 

Thanks for sharing...I’m heading out there next month. Hafa adai!


I live in Guam

Very Doge 

After almost two decades they still have that little train in Micronesia Mall yesh hahaha


I really like your content :) Keep it up!:)

Ruozhuo Li 

Thank you for sharing this lovely video. I will be stationed in Andersen AFB as a Navy sailor.

Mongo M. 

you need to go to the southern parts of the island to the historic villages! 😎🤙

Gerrett Morris 

I spent time on Guam as a kid, dad was USAF. What Airport did you fly into? I'd love to get back there sometime.

Francisco Neto 


Muktadeer Hossain 

nice vidoe


Me encantó.

Ali Mohammond 

crazy elite saying NKorea is gonna strike GUAM , it won't be NKorea they will get the blame for it, just like the 911 twin tower! it the crazy Busch family did it!!!


Travel to paradise

Mari Cogan 

PS. After visiting Guam, living in Texas will feel like you live on an asphalt parking lot. The Texas beaches will seem like sewage treatment plants by comparison.

Mari Cogan 

I'm enjoying your vlogs of Guam. My family was stationed on Andrews 1063-1966. Lover's Leap was a long trudge through dense jungle at that time. The red tide would appear at that point once a year and local legend said that it turned red with the blood of two lovers who jumped from the point when their families would not let them marry. We could see it from the football field of my highschool. And……..there was only one "large" civilian store in Tumon called The Town House. There were no civilian hotels and one restaurant off base called The Red Carpet. Going there was a big deal. All other food places or accommodations were very small palm huts or in a private home and owned by locals.

ray dunlap 

toda pond up north

Alex Lefevre 

Awesome, that's serious stuff. Of course not perfect, but who cares? Well done!

Brenna Solberg 

My dad is from there and it's been my absolute dream to visit there. My fiancé is going into the marines and not quite sure if they have a base there :\ one day tho! 😍

HP SanOyamas 

Hafa adai Mrs. Patricia Vergara, first and foremost you have a beautiful family. Secondly, I salute Mr. Vergara for serving in the the USAF. Not very many military personnel gets the opportunity to be assigned to Guam. And lastly, I am so proud of you for your unselfish enthusiasm and dedication towards your journey in providing meaningful and video sharing of your experiences in your travel vlog throughout your travels. Keep up the good work! You're doing an incredible job! Pues adios and may the good Lord bless and your family. :)