How a Wrong Turn Caused this Airbus A321 to Crash | Fatal Approach | Air Blue Flight 202 | 4K


Find out why a wrong turn and a series of other mistakes and violations by the pilots, caused this Airbus A321 to crash into a mountain area in an attempt to land during dense fog in Islamabad.

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Akhand singh bindass 

Stupids in Pakistan

Kirk Radeck 

This reminds me of an incident about 40 years ago to me. My dad was driving in very snowy conditions. We were on a steep hill, and he said, “These people in the northwest don’t know how to drive in the snow. I’ll show you how it’s done.” I think I might’ve had my learner’s permit by then, maybe not. Sure enough, almost immediately, he began sliding down the hill as he was driving too fast for the conditions. Of course he slammed into the car ahead of us. Well, at least there were no fatalities after that lecture session.


My cousin died in this plane crash

That day was horrifying for our family. we waited impatiently if she survived .. but she never come back.

It still haunts me


Surely the checked the captains remains for alcohol or some other influence.

motasim ahmed 

two of the brothers, elder and youngest which I known them personally died on this crash RIP, after age 60 captains should be checked for their attitudes/psychiatric evaluation every 6 month,

Flip Ya 

I never fly on an Airbus

Rep Aralo 

its not 4K!!!

Syrian Damascus 

once you are passed 55 you should sit back in the casino waste your savings and shut the fuck up

Peter Kay 

the captain was probably drunk? I too as a co-pilot would have taken charge and took control of the plane, nobody could ever stop me from that without killing me first

Violeta Mendez 

This video reminded me the reason why I treat most people like shit and I stay on guard most of the time due to stupid-ass people such as the captain in this video. Nobody should allow this type of behaviour coming from anybody, I don't care who it is, people should learn to stand up for themselves and even challenge their "superiors" no matter the situation, whether big or small. Take my advice and disasters like these could be prevented. Mark my words.

Jughead Jones 

The capitan was an ego-maniacal douche bag.

Esoteric Desi 

KLM's fully loaded B747 collided with Pan Am's 747 in Tenerife, Spain in late 1970s because of an ego-maniac captain's actions... he also was exactly the same type of fuckhead like this captain was... I am surprised such behaviour was banned by aviation sector yet some got away by not changing for the better...

gabplaysroblox gaming 

My grandma heard this at the news 10 years ago

Dale Gribble 

Islam bad lol

Peter Duxbury 

The music following the crash really compliments the sad ending. There is no room for arrogance of a Captain. No room for Class Distinction. Reminds me of captain Key.


I don't care what anyone says that First Officer was weak minded and neither the Captain or the First Officer should have been in that cockpit...

Hans Eriksson 

Killed by stupidity. Plain and simple.

John Thimakis 

So tragic when someone's ego costs the lives of innocents.

Declan Doyle 

Are the behaviour of flight crews not regularly evaluated (especially captains)? Although I'm sure there are many factors involved, this piece of shite captain paid for his useless application of experience, professionalism and procedure with the lives of all those passengers. His behaviour towards the FO was a disgusting display of ego, snobbery and inherent insecurity. If it was just him in a plane on his own the only thing I would feel sorry for is any shrubbery he might have damaged. That job should warrant the absolute scrutiny of all pilots, their behaviour and ability at all times.

mike o 

How does Air Blue allow an individual like that to become and continue as captain? And why wound any sane passenger want to fly to Islamabad? I, for one,, will make sure to avoid both Air Blue and Islamabad....

Patrick Phelan 

GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out

The autopilot is only as smart as the one feeding it information.

Approach procedures are established for a reason.

Visual approach requires constant ground & flight visibility.

100% pilot error, preventable accident.

Satyarthi Satyarthi 

Please upload Nepal kathmandu crash

G4 Gaming 

Is he drunk or what the f/o and gpws said pull up lmaooooooo

Umar Shahab 

The crew duty roster must also have been checked. News reports said, the pilot had just returned from a long flight from Europe and tagged for this flight due to paucity of pilots.


there is a clue in that name Islam a bad . lol religion of peace


Sounds like that aero-asshole captain HAD IT COMING!!! Just a shame that everyone else had to pay for his idiocy.


Typical Muslim hierarchical interpersonal disgrace.

Zaps Zapper 

The co pilots most important job is to check every thing the captain does and question it if; 1) He doesn't agree, thinks it a mistake or 2) doesn't understand the particular action of the Captain.

If the Captain gives the aeroplane to the co pilot the role reverses. That's why they have two in the cockpit. There is absolutely no place for bullying rudeness or arrangance. The environment has to remain totally professional and co-operative ALWAYS..

Savage 44 

He thought he was a badass pilot 👨‍✈️

Dean Rodriguez 

Very sad!

gamer taboo 

Wow the captain was having an extremely off day it seems. It's really too bad the first officer didn't take control, the captain did SO many wrong things it's absolutely ridiculous.

DS Analysis 

first officer should have punched him out

Tao Yanbao 

I'd say that "common sense" would strongly suggest that humiliation beyond any kind of possible sharpening of the senses (?) has a detrimental affect on safety. To perform a task well, and make sound decisions, a pilot must believe he or she is capable of such (which a proper pilot training presumably more or less guarantees). This also seems more or less confirmed by science, where people who falsely are told that they scored poorly on an IQ test, then actually end up score below their personal normal on a followed up IQ test. Take away a man's confidence, and you rob him of some of his actual skills.

Abid Khan 

Psycho analysis is a must and in case the individual doesn’t modify his behaviour ...then he should be grounded. Another solution is 360 appraisal or peer assessment by aircrew. That will sort out the problematic individuals.

Slim Pickens 

Oh, this happened in Pakistan?....enough said!

Forza Milan 

They say flying is the safest form of transportation which is true looking at statistics but I feel personally flying isn’t as safe as we make it out to be if procedures aren’t followed properly fatality is certain which puts fear in my mind every time I fly any one can make mistakes but in this case the co pilot should of took control and maybe they would of all survived god bless them all r.i.p

Frode Grunsvold 

"TERRAIN" "pull up" "pull up"

'ta hells wrong with this autopilot...?

IJK Baluch 

!!! What a painful reminder & how many beautiful souls departed. !!!

May Save every one .


"Captain" was a dumb ass.

Ihsan ullah khan 

The pilot was arrogant and said he would land even if the weather is bad

Jonathan Woodbridge Buys 

Aviate - fail, Navigate - fail, Communicate - fail... stupidity kills.


Poor co-pilot.

brandon D 

152 less muslims on this planet is fine by me

brandon D 

I wouldn't fly into any muslim country if someone gave me $10 million!

DaraSaupea Mey 

What would you expect from a Pakistani pilot ?

Sourendranath Mondal 



Pilots are lazy sometimes, should be flying plane instead of turning knobs. Especially on landings. 1700hrs,, your generation will see tons more airliner crashes because of computers and terrible trained pilots that are god damn lazy cocky scum.

CR Solarice 

What a complete idiot.

Mr MEMé 

Did they All Died

World Of Tanks Playz 

Hey everyone well first the Co pilot and the captain were relatives that's why the cap give him a lecture and second I know it's my home land's plane I am from Pakistan too I want too say that he gave him the lecture because it necessary for him but if they weren't related the Co pilot would have reported him and I have gone to margalla hills before 3 times I could always smell that burnt feeling just entering my lungs sadly a new married couple on a honeymoon and 3 Pakistani politicians never have forgetting all those people