How to wire the Laser Controller to Stepper Motor Drivers


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I show how to connect the Laser controller to the stepping motor drivers.

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Can two connections go on the same terminal on one power supply?

Vlad B 

nothing about switches pinout?

Paul Zacharias 

I want to use a controller like the one you use here, but I want to move two motors for the Y-axis. I want to use two drivers but the same signals for the Y-axis feeding both drivers, thus both motors. Will the motors stay synchronized?


Hi Patrick Thanks for you video. I change my controller and used this info. Im a left with a slight problem. The laser fires when traveling to its origin and then when it returns when job is completed. Also there is no variance of heat. It wont fire at 21% but full power at 22%. This didn't happen with the old controller. I have searched and found no help anywhere. Hope you can. Thanks


Tenzin Dorji 

sir! I am also trying to make laser cutter using the same components as your are using. Do i need to install any software or program to the controller? i will be grateful for your kind help...could you please email me at ... looking forward for your reply sir

kezang namgyel 

sir i have did same connection but motor is not running, What might be problem?


Since there are no more ports open on the power supply, what if you wanted to setup another driver for say the Z axis motor? Can you just run two wires to one of the ports on the power supply?


can you please link the previous video or just type its title ?

thank you


So, how would you wire if you want to change direction but you say they are negative?

Matt Wils 

please edit out the repetitive items.

john dakin 

is this method the same for all types of controller boards?