How We Used Data to Win the Presidential Election


(May 8, 2009) Dan Siroker, of the Obama Campaign and CarrotSticks, describes how the campaign used data to win the presidential election. He shares the lessons his team learned along the way and how one can apply them to any data-driven decision one needs to make -- whether it be in developing, designing, or even marketing.

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Maarten van der Poel 

Whooooooo, cambridge analyitica etc.


Great video! I'd like to see one on the 2016 Presidential Election.

Tyler Hushour 

The Clintons weren't comfortable with losing another election, so the dem party was able to buy out the election so that the people couldn't help elect another president win through grassroots efforts such as internet publicity, campaign contributions, and the like


only 12 comments ?

man this is was very interesting and god know how much i hate politics AND politicians!

I admire the skill of the media team. In reality the people voted for THOSE guys and not obama !

I would certainly prefer ppl like them running the US


How did they use Brent Spiner again?

Dan Nedelko 

This is a fantastic video with some incredibly valuable insights.


Awesome job, Dan! Very interesting stuff

--Will C.

Dan Siroker 

Thanks Clay :)


very interesting..