How to make a vegan/ vegetarian chili


We usually make this for Football Sunday or tailgating. It is always a big hit, even for the meat lovers who actually don’t even notice it does not have any meat. When I make it for tailgating I add “beefless” ground beef, but it is so meaty with all the mushrooms and different kinds of beans you really don’t need to add it. It does add great meat like texture for those that would prefer it to have meat.

Here is the list:

Black Beans

White Kidney Beans (Red ones are fine too. It does make it very colorful)

Pinto Beans


Vegetable Stock

Tomato Paste

Diced & Fired Roasted Tomatoes

Plum Tomatoes ( Better to get them diced, much easier to deal with than the whole tomatoes. They just didn’t have any at Trader Joes)


White Pepper

Black Pepper

Chili Lime (Trader Joes)

Smoked Paprika


Brown Sugar (or Maple Syrup)





Green and Yellow Pepper


Corn (Add during the last 5 minutes of cooking)


Beefless Ground Beef (Optional)


Quinsha Burnett 

OMG! I just am new to the vegetarian/ vegan lifestyle and I stumbled across your page and fell in love with this recipe. Not only was it easy but it was delicious. I am a Texas girl sooooo I had to add some more spices to it! I like it spicy sorry Mia! - Keep these coming! Thanks IRVZ ALL IN IT!

Eboni Hanson 

looks good want to try this recipe.

Jeri Putney 

Just found your channel and I've already watched a few of your videos. I love seeing your family! <3 Its so great to see a little vegan/vegetarian family. You guys are awesome! Can't wait to see more videos.


It's too SPICY Ma! Lol Look at dads face. Lol yall got me screaming. 😙


I'll be trying out this recipe for sure! Thanks for sharing :)