How To Wire Electric Cooling Fans with Crimp Connections


Wiring electric cooling fans in a car is easy. There are multiple ways to make the cooling fans work, and to properly wire the fans to the car. If you want to understand how to wire the fans, check out this video where I show you ~

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otto leeverink 

they did that to my car and i hate that they did not use factory connectors!

German Elite Tuning 

great video man. your always very descriptive and provide great info for people that have not done it before. keep up the great work.


What an outstanding teaching video, Charles. I have been waiting quite some time for such a stellar video - one that is clear, steady, informative, and helpful.

One question: what brand terminal release tool did you use? I am struggling to find the correct tool for my TCM harness unit.

Thank you, Charles.