How To Study in Medical School From Start To Finish (2019)


Want to know how to study in medical school? Want to learn how to better prepare for medical school and what study strategies you can use as a med student to get better grades?

Check out this video on how to prep for medical school from start to finish. I will show you the principles you need to master as a med student, how to approach your med school courses, how to review your notes, how to prepare for your med school exams, and how to do well on your exams in med school.

Here are the videos I refer to in this video.

How To Study Using The Brain Dump:

How To Use The Memory Palace:

Free Video Course on How I Study:

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Hi friends. Not sure how to study in medical school? In this video I show you my approach from start to finish on just that! Hope you enjoy! Comment below with any questions!

Eunice Agyeiwaa 

How do you not have more subscribers? This is solid information and very easy to digest. I'm not in medical school but striving to become a doctor. Due to personal reasons it's going to take me a bit longer but I really want to succeed and follow my dream. I just now found your youtube channel but if I can master your principles now, than it will be helpfull for a lifetime. Thank you so much :)

Daniel Seen 

Really good advice and video

Lijia Zhang 

You’re a lifesaver (struggling M1 here)

Andy A 

I bought your two books for $30 a while back but I had never received it, but it’s okay cause this video will do ☺️

Ellie Petrova 

Oh, I guess I missed my chance responding to one of your latest emails.. I was going to share my resent difficulties focusing while studying and not being able to stop daydreaming. I guess commenting is an easier task, because it's more informal and I don't have to spend 20mins on writing a 5 sentences long email (I'm kind of a perfectionist) 😅