How To Spy Your Competitors on Amazon FBA & Find Their EXACT Suppliers


Learn how to find suppliers for your Amazon FBA business by spying on your competitors.

If you need to figure out where your competitors are getting their goodies from, this is the video for you!!!

We’ve been hearing from our Facebook Amazon FBA Community that new sellers struggle in finding suppliers—so we’re going to reveal one of our sourcing secrets that saved us a ton of time.

Websites for finding your competitor’s supplier:

USA Import and Export Data Website ⇨

Panjiva Website ⇨

Import Genius Website ⇨

How to hide supplier or manufacturer information? Check about

Confidential Treatment Of Vessel Manifest Data


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Marcos Paulo 

Amazing tools, but tooooooo expensive.


Hey man, I recently been watching most of all your videos.

A question: Am i supposed to put whatever keywords i put in my broad campaign, as negative keywords in my automatic campaign? So they don't bid against each other and to mine different words?

I currently have a broad + auto campaign going on.

Ashesh Creative Studio 

Should we contact the supplier after discovering them?