How To Remove VW Mk4 Radio Without Special Tools


Here is how to take out your stock radio in a VW Mk4 jetta, golf, gti without any special tools or keys. Only tools you'll need are a screwdriver and some needle nose pliers.

Also, there will be a future video of the installation of a new radio along with some other electrical stuff

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Dakota Miles 

So I love my gti 1.8t. But this factory radio stopped working. I went to audio express to buy my stereo receiver and decided to do it myself. Cake is what I thought after I bought 4 stupid keys for like 10 bucks. What a waste. So much time lost. Then I come across your video while looking for help. I like your attitude and headliner hominsky. Thanks to you I can enjoy my wicked sick audio. Thanks again brochacho! πŸ•‰πŸ€™


Unless there’s an issue with the clips...I’d just cut an old credit card into strips that fit.... they click in and allows stereo to be removed. No need to go smashing about....

Stephen Lacroix 

When you pop off the face plate, is the radio ruined?


Man this just saved my but! Thanks


dude thank you so much, gone like a month now without a radio. fuse behind the radio was shit had to replace it

David hunsinger 

Damn man! Thanks! I just got a 04 MK4 Wagon and I didn't wanna wait to get the keys in the mail. Props

mitha dirty 

Your ceiling is dope

Feng Richard 

Can use vw original bluetooth head unit to do plug and play swap for this Monsoon hu in jetta/Golf MK4.

Niall Power 

Works like a clock, brilliant. €40 for a set of the keys in the local motor factors!


So i dont really need those keys to do it? Ive been meaning to change my Monsoon double din out but if i dont have to spend money on the keys then itll be great for me i can spend it on the Dash trim kit instead.

Jackie Johnston 

Did you just pry the faceplate off?? Can you snap everything back together after? I just want to check the fuse, not destroy it. I'm thinking this technique would make it useless.

Brothers Wei 

Thanks for posting this video your awesome man. I am going to try this tomorrow morning.

jazzy T 

Go tips!!!but you need to remove 4 little screw top and bottom of the radio front cover!!!


will the radio still work when you pop the face off and put it back on or is it just broke ....and my radio just quit working out of no where and the fuse is still good any possible solution?

Kendrick Bradley 

well thanks now I'm out a radio its completely fucked now cause of your pos video

Joe's Channel 

i really wish this would work but my face plate will not budge whatsoever.

Jojuan Winfrey 

You are a genius

J Samuels 

wow mate I was just looking at your roof man , that is FXXXXN PHAAAT MAN how long does it take n PLEASE tell me how 😊

J Samuels 

wow mate I was just looking at your roof man , that is FXXXXN PHAAAT MAN how long does it take n PLEASE tell me how 😊

Steph H. 

Did you take the screws out that are below the stereo? I'v been prying at it for days and it still wont come out. Keys dont work either.

Daquan Jr. 

I didnt wanna buy the damn keys and credit card didnt work thanks! really shows how pointless the keys are LMAO

i recommend covering your screwdriver you use for prying with some tape, to protect the rest of the trim


How about focusing on what holds the front panel on, nothing else is hard after that!

marlon espinoza 

thank you for the video helped out a lot

Cody Geeting 

did it break can you still use the old one?

Keith Laidlaw 

Thank you! I tried to remove the stereo using the keys for around an hour before doing it this way in two minutes. Turns out one of the release catches was bent. Great video!

Jon Scopoli 

did you just pop the cover off with a screw driver as well?