How To Protect & Organize Pokemon Cards (2018)


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*Hope you enjoyed these tips & advice on how to protect your cards!*


Thanks Leon hart

Funpenguintime Roblox and more 

I use elite trainer box sleeves, clear deck protected sleeves by ultra Pro and I have 1 top loader sleeve that my friend gave to me for free

Jackson Wang 

im not collecting pokemon cards anymore but i love watching others collect. im currently collecting kpop photocards so i will do the same protection for them thanks leonhart!


I like his background

Super Kataw 

Wow we have the same binder for vintage/base set cards


*i cant find my 2 delta species cards*


Im in school at the moment im a sophomore and people at my school like cards and so do i and im thinking that i should put my commons and uncommons in a tin and better cards such as ultra rares and more in a mini binder.

Is this a good idea or nah?



Bunn Bunny 

I really want the mini Pokemon binder

For two reasons

It comes with 60 sleeves and I have 60 cards

And it comes with a pack of cards

So I really want it

It is seven dollars


Top Loaders will also fit in the elite trainer boxes very well

Nony. A 

lol sorry

Foxy fox blogging fox 

No way how did you know what pokémon binder I have

Jeremiah Hilderbrand 


Paco2490 Espin 

Man your channel has grown rapidly congrats the last time I was here you was about 150k subscribers love your channel man keep it up 💪🏼💪🏼

Justin RRomance Girls lover 

Hi lenhart

Jacob Mollette 

Whatch and learn kids this dude is golden

K V 

Bit rough with your weedle don’t you think?

papa bear aj 

OMG I didn't even think of this so helpful


do the cards get white on the edges when they move? Because I store my cards in a folder back to back but when I use sleeves all the pages would be super thick

Josh Hope 

Does anyone know if they make big sleeves to protect blister packs?


Awesome video! But do you the best way to protect a blister?

Amazing Astro 101 

I sent you fanmail and I got a reply, but never saw a video on it.

fhe marchan cahulogan 

MI Charizard is mising

Arceus TV 

Wow this was an amazing video. I am a brand new Pokemon channel so plz susbscribe!

Ivan Villarreal vlogs 

I have the same Pokemon binder but it has snorlax on the cover and I also got it from walmart

Trainer Heatchar 

Where do u buy the penny sleeves the PSA grated card will go into

Spidey Boss 

Awesome video

The Real Pupnasty 

Welllllll..... Technically, you put the card in upside down in the perfect fit, then put the perfect fit, open end first into a normal sleeve so the card isnt upside down when playing, and protects from dust and some moisture.

Joe Mccarthy 

Could someone possibly link where they buy those booster pack sleeves? I can find the PSA one's but not those.

Pokemon Pelago 

Awesome video!!! Thank you :)

Finesse Kid 

leonhart. Youre in that Cicis commercial right? I havent seen your vids in a year but i recognised you

SHAMBHU Mukherjee 

I am a pokemon card collecter I liked your vidio most

Uldis Crystal 

Penny sleeves are worst way to protect cards, literally can compare them as used condom, nothing and i'll repeat again nothing come close to KMC perfect fit sleeves, best inner sleeves out there and i have tested pretty much every single damn inner sleeve.

Then basically everything depends on person if you are player or collector. Those who got KMC old hyper matt sleeves, these are the best out the due to durability and shuffle feel or Legion sleeves. But sadly KMC recently did mess with hypermatt sleeves and those are breaking a part more often though they did change sort off back to new/ old formula and it's like meh to me.

As collector i can recommend very few binder but i think there are few rules. Binder musn't bend even if you place 4 books on edge of binder while you holding, if it bend then not worth buying that binder at all, binder has to be high quality built so cards are protected. pocket pages can depend on side or top loading. As collector i prefer top loading pages si

Peanut butter Man 

Awesome Thank you For the Tips 👍



Extreme Pokemon 



You mean i shuoldn't keep my 1st edtions in a shoe box?

Supercubix z 

I live in Dallas TX but I search every where can u tell me stores I went to all stores u said close to me like target and stuff but thnx for help

Tyler Phipps 

You should make a how to make a deck video


so it doesn't matter what cards you put sleeves on just put sleeves on all the cards?? I need more sleeves then lol . thank you for this informational video leonhart

Peter Ryan Pandolfi 

One other tip! Yugioh cards are SMALLER than Pokémon cards... so if you look for sleeves make sure they are size specific. Magic cards and Pokémon are the same size so the sleeves will fit both of those types of cards


Would you actually recomend putting cards in penny sleeves AND playing sleeves when storing them then? Not and/or?

Tesla Relics 

How do you get a card graded?


This video was very helpful to me since I just started collecting Pokemon cards again. Thanks so much for the awesome tips Leonhart and keep up on the amazing videos dude.

LEGO MOCS Showing 

What section of those penny sleeves are there in target so my dad could buy those for me to keep care of my Holos and GX’s

LEGO MOCS Showing 

Nice vid Leon now I know how da protect it

LEGO MOCS Showing 

107th viewer

Aaron Borton 

My only complaint about top loaders is that mine always seem to come warped. Then if I put my cards in there it will warp them as well. Maybe it’s just me being unlucky

Stacy Dedman 

Hey leonhart how should you ship your cards when getting them graded?