How To Play PC Engine CD Games On Retropie


On this tutorial I show you how to play PC Engine CD games on your retropie, from getting the right bios to editing the cue file!

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Master Sybnios 

Ok it works but why I am having in game stuttering every 3 seconds or so?? Any help?? :(


Looks like a great tutorial but can anyone give me directions to where you can find these ROMs now? I'm not finding anything ='(

adoreme_ II15 Shapiro 

How did you get the iso file? The only thing that I got out of my zip file was the cue file.


great video. been trying to emulate TG roms for some time. worked like a charm.

Vinny M 

Hey thanks for the helpful video! I am now able to play this great game that I have never played before!

I do have a couple of questions for you.

1) Is the intro audio supposed to be in German?

2) I can't get this game to run on Retroarch on my Android phone or windows 10 PC, despite following your .cue file editing instructions, and placing the syscard3.pce file in their respective proper BIOS folders. Is there any advice you can give me?

Brian Vond 

I've never edited a Cue file before, so your video was a life saver!


John Sikorski 

What about .ccd files?

Alex Becerra 

That's castlevania on Nintendo


I saw on your video you have in your list 1941: counter attack. Is this playable. I have all the roms for the pc engine but 5 roms are not running.

Please i need some help.The roms are

1) 1941 - Counter Attack

2) Aldynes - The Mission Code For Rage Crisis

3) Battle Ace

4) Daimkai Mura

5) Madou King Granzort

I use also the bios file but only that 5 roms are not working. I have downloaded a lot of copies of these roms but none is working. All the other roms from the pack are working gret.Any idea?

HdE's Totally Unoriginal Gaming Show 

Got a quick question if anybody wo sees this can help:

I've been using this method to install PC Engine CD games on the latest Retropie build (4.4 at my time of typing this) and I'm encountering some performance problems.

Games boot up without any difficulty, but I've found that they all suffer with random, intermittent slowdowns. This is noticeable as the sound appears to drop out momentarily.

I'm using a Pi 3. Does anybody know if there are any I can tinker with to fix this issue?

Mr. Game und Dr. Watch RetroArcade-Channel 

Thanks for explanation. My fault was, that i had one false quotation mark at the end of the name of the game in the cue-file. i was near a nervous breakdown, because i could not believe that the games doesnt work. So watch out and check your little quotation marks!


I had problems just unzipping the file I needed a bin extractor. Argh total head ache so far


Thanks for the explanation work with me

Retro Thunder 

I've tried with my raspberry pi 3 b+ running retropie 4.4 and it goes to the system screen then tells me to wait a moment ...

Lovelorn88 Nick 

Ive tried this multiple time... Just frezzes at the boot screen

Lovelorn88 Nick 

Doesnt make any sense... i changed the name so i could find the box art... But it ruined the gane file

Lovelorn88 Nick 

Thanks man! I downloaded Dungeon Explorer 2 and had no problem. Which is a bin and cue file. But this iso one was more of a challenge


Will this work on the Retro Bit Super Retro Cade? Also if so, how about getting Sega Master System games to work? Thanks


Im still having trouble. I have the correct bios, I changed the text to match what you have in the CUE , I have the iso and still nothing. Im on 4.2 still, does that matter?


Snes Mini! Thanks for the chance!

N64 Fun Time 

Snes mini!!!

Chaz Evansdale 

Congrats on over 1k subs

"Snes mini"


Or you can just DL Magic Engine dedicated too pc-engine games only.


So, uhhh... SNES Mini. Yeah! *explosions*

Smash JT 

Sure I'll enter :-) "Snes mini"


Very nice. The PC Engine/TurboGrafx-CD was one of the toughest consoles to emulate. I remember the hassle of setting up each file with in a game and then burning them to a CD. It was worth it, especially for the pricey titles like Dracula X and Double Dragon II.

Xander Skullion 

This is awesome, the pc engine CD has so many great games