How To Lock Your Gun In Your Car: Proper Gun Vehicle Storage | Geauga Firearms Academy


In this Geauga Firearms Academy video Kim demonstrate how to lock your gun in your car. Also check out our website for up coming training classes and services

There comes times when we go somewhere and we cannot take our gun with us. In these cases what is the most appropriate and effective way to keep your gun secure in your vehicle.


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Ninja Man 

I keep it in my locked glove box in my LOCKED VEHICLE


Never leave the gun in your glove box.  This took place I believe in Montana. A bad guy walked up a driveway and entered an open garage where a vehicle was parked . Inside the glove box was a loaded weapon.  He used that weapon to rob and murder the couple that was home even though the home owner was a former special forces person and had more weapons available for protection in the home. I believe the bad guy walked out of the house with six pistols, got on a bus and traveled back east after killing them in their living room.

Rogelio Hernandez 

I'm sure when a carjacker pulls a gun on you .You will be fast and unlock your box insert the magazine pull the slide and shoot the bastard before he gets a chance to do anything,.

Daniel Harger 

If someone gets into my vehicle locked or even unlocked then without premission they are breaking the law . NOT ME . I take care of my weapon as needed.

Nese do kisha frik nga shinat nuk hipja ne tren. 

Stupid ugly woman

ghost theone 

Will I'm keep it on me so I don't have to worry about it.

Darren Wilson 

I have a 2016 Dodge Ram, I installed a "console safe" that securely keeps all valuables safe! Totally recommended by me after having one for years.

Michael Myers 

That cable not shit. I cut it in half with a pair of scissors within 5 minutes. Going to buy a metal chain link.


In Colorado, your vehicle is not considered an extension of your home, but you can have a loaded handgun (but not long gun) in the cabin of the vehicle, without a CCW. 🤷‍♂️


Wow soooo many trolls on YouTube... sheesh


Here in NJ you get arrested for this LOL. You HAVE to put this in your trunk. NJ sucks.


big car

Lyfan Deth 

Better than mothing but didn't Marc Tobias post how to open that safe and most gun safes i. 30 seconds or less? About 5-6 years ago and no improvents.


It is my duty to lock the doors to my vehicle. I cannot control the criminal element. If they break in my car and still my weapon then that is beyond my area of responsibility. I do not leave my gun visible but no extra precaution is required.

I do not wish to lock up my weapon and a safe in my car that will take me time to get to when needed. I also will not be unloading that weapon.

RedWhite&Blue 78 

Now do a California version... lol


And how, exactly, would one go about cabling the box to the frame? I'm not convinced you even know what the frame is.


Unbelievable that this day in age , that you are explaining to people how to lock a gun in your car. It is every gun owners duty to carry your weapon on you AT ALL TIMES. PERIOD. NO EXUSES. . You just said yourself that is better to be judged by twelve then carried by 6. This means carrying at work no matter what. Carrying at Starbucks no matter what. Having your everyday carry pistol locked in your car is the worst thing you can do for a number of reasons. Remember , chances are that you will never need or use your firearm for self defense , but when and if you do need it, it better damn well be accessible. When is the last time someone has been searched at there employment. Never, that's when. When is the last time someone has been searched at Starbucks. Never. Keep that in mind. When is the last time a scycopath has shot someone at a place of employment where there are no guns allowed signs posted. Keep that in mind also. Criminals do not follow laws. Hence, this is why we call them


Or you could put it in your glove box and say "I had it in a locked steel box." As your car is a locked steel box.

Indy Jones 

First thing, don't participate in any business that is a gun free zone and always have your gun on your person, even at home. In drug crazed Colorado it is best to always stay armed.

ed ha 

I realize most people who break into cars do not carry the most rudimentary burglary tools. But that's all it would take to open that thing. I used to leave my firearm in the car but I just won't do it anymore. Short of a strong box bolted to the floor of your trunk, there's just no good way to do it.


A few things wrong with the video.

You should ALWAYS carry your gun with you! And why not lock the box (has an anchor cord) to the seat? And finally, that gun is way to big for a CCW. It barely fit in that box.


I just found your channel and I like it so far.

Alton Rowell 

Good video. Good thinking.

Who knows they may break into your vehicle and think , the extra time it takes to steal your gun is not worth the efort.

U know theses days they or driveing their vehicles into the gun shops and grabbing all they won't.


Step 1: Leave gun in holster on your person.

Step 2: Walk away from car.

That's how.

Heinrich Himmler 

i did like the video pretty girl how ever if i could not take my firearm with me inside a place than i dont need to b their in the first place just saying

xavier harkonnen 

And then the cops will still shot you.

Coach 1092 

I think it's a good idea to leave the gun holstered and put the loaded firearm and holster in the lock box. That greatly reduces the chances of a negligent discharge.

Sadpants McGee 

You left out the part where you actually cable it to the frame of your car.

Cliff McKelvy 

Well-done representation, God Bless.

scott stutzman 

Though not a product review it would be nice to know what brand you are using seemed to be lined with foam and is there a certain size cable you would recommend. Would like to know where you mounted it also to the floor or just the frame of the seat? Thanks love your videos Neil and you make nice and informative videos.

Jason Kling 

Never leave your weapon. EVER. If it is actually not allowed, there will be and armed guard at a metal detector with a lock box.

Jeffrey Thomas 

Very informative. Thanks.

TJ Kynith 

Already got that covered. Does the law require the clip NOT in the firearm when they pull U over in the state of Virginia?

Alex Ivanov 

Good video, thanks ! Could you please also show how exactly wire box to frame of car ?

Joseph Wyse 

Thank you for your excellent videos. I used that very same lock box in my car but I took it one step further. I bolted it to the bottom of my center counsel so I didn't have to use the cable system. It happened to fit perfectly in my Tahoe's upper console. It looks great and operates perfectly with the size of the console.

Sweet heart in the air 

Oh god she's damn beautiful. I can't stand not to watch her videos once in a while


Be sure to unload it first. Otherwise a first responder could be accidentally shot if your car goes on fire. This has happened in the past- car goes on fire, firemen show up to put out the fire, gun starts cooking off rounds. I've never heard of any injuries resulting but would you really want that on your conscious?

Robert Danley 

They make some nice gun vaults that are custom fit for the console of that Dodge truck your driving.


Excellent advice. I was able to pick up 2 steel lock boxes for less than $40 and one is in my car and the other is in my wife's car, so I have a place to lock up even if I switch cars. And if you do not have to lock up your gun, those little lock boxes are a great place to stash some extra cash or to lock up a small item that you don't with the bad guys to catch sight of while you are away from your car. Also, please remember to lock your car too. Two locks are better than one.


This is New Jersey style. Zero conceal carry, but you can have a weapon in the car. But it needs to be locked, completely empty, and out of reach of any passenger. This state is insane lol...


Great video, really good idea. Kim I was wanting to know did you have to buy or make the cable to attach the box to the frame? I seen where you commented on someone else asking about where y'all got the box from and I clicked the link and did not see the cable. Thanks for another great video, I really enjoy your channel.

Bill Mckinney 

Something I've always do. Can't carry at work. I have to leave it in my car everyday.

Mark Powell 

I paid a mechanic shop to install a locked metal box in the bottom of my center console for storage of my gun. I'm happier with that extra out of the way spot and I can lock up my ammo in the glove box if I'm in a non reciprocating state and need to store my gun/ammo in two separate locations in my car. thanks for the video, good topic to discuss.

Chop Z. 

I copy that Kim.


I really enjoyed your video. Leaving my gun in the car while working at certain location is always a concern to me. The question I have for you is where did you get the steel box with a key lock and cable? Did you run the cable around the sliding seat brackets or install a mount to run the cable through? Thanks again for your time to make the video.

G. Dyer 

If you get a safe w/ combination lock or biometric lock, it should have a keylock backup in case you forget your combination or the biometric thingie fails.

Jack Haun 

Kim, thanks for that info, I almost bolted an old ammo can and padlockto my car frame, thanks for the info...

Christian B 

You might want to add info in future video's of where to get quality cable locks and steel gun case to lock gun in a car or truck.

This could make a difference between someone losing their weapon to theft, and someone getting killed.

What's your priority?

ken hulett 

Thank you for the video. While I don't like not being able to carry in some circumstances,this is exactly what I do. it is secured around my truck seat bracket. Thanks again.

Jim Knight 

A gun safe that fits in the center console would be a much better option