How To Link To A New PSN Account On Fortnite


they sent me an email in like a minute then said theyll get back to me asap

Mario Davis 

I Recently Logged Onto Fortnite Just To See A Hacker Has 2 Step On My Account I Need You Guys To Take It Off


I recently logged onto Fortnite and I just see a hacker has put 2 step on my account I need u guys to take it off

Ganglyfe Tjay 

They just took 2 step off and that’s it they didn’t say they put a hard reset


I recently logged in to fortnite just to see a hacker has 2 step on my account I need you guys to take it off


What's the website

Justin Larios 

My old ps4 broke, which had my old epic account that had skins since season 3, I want to link that epic account to my new one. Will this method help?

D0ntF3ckWithM3 YT 

Am i gonna get banned

ismael gustavo 

When you say keeping trying , because they don’t reply back sometimes?

محمد عبد العزيز 

Is not working help me 😭😭


They said security reason we can’t give it back




yes or no


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Are u deadass

ollie litster 

Oh my god you’re my hero

Chronical Tb 

Wait can I transfer my skins too