HOW TO KNOW IF YOU'RE ADDICTED TO DISNEY! | How I REALLY Feel About Disney | Disney Vacation


I have a confession to make....I'm addicted to Disney World! This video is meant to be fun and lighthearted but honestly, I do kind of feel like I couldn't handle it if I didn't get to go on a Disney vacation at least once a year. Yes, I know that makes me a bit spoiled. :)

Today I am sharing how to know if you are addicted to Disney. How many of these Disney-obsessed things are you guilty of, too?!

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Ivy Flippo 

I have 2 pets named after Disney Characters!! Our dog is Remmy and our cat is Maui!! I love the hidden Mickey's at home idea, I'll have to do that around the house! I also keep the MDE app on my phone and check it year round!! AND I have a whole room in my house decorated Disney... I feel ya girl, total Disney Addict :)

Tracey F 

Yes I am totally one I have already sorta got a head start on our next family trip in 2021. I've been checking ride wait times to see about when is the best time. We have decided to go in the fall and to go Mickeys not so scary Halloween party. My boys are so excited to go and see all the new stuff our last trip was in 2017.

Becca Schlomann 

I love the idea of the hidden mickeys in your home!


I have the app on my phone all the time!!! We haven't been to Disney since 2014 and our next trip isn't until January 2020! 😭😭😭

I check it more often than I'd like to admit.

I also check Orlando weather!

Totally Descendants 

I watch Disney Vlogs all the time!


i am planinng my next tirp now and its a year away


i loveeeee disney

Daisy Logan 

I check the weather in Orlando a lot and the wait times on the my Disney experience app. I also used to work for Disney on 2 college programs so I will look at old pictures and videos from my college programs and previous vacations. I live in Kentucky too and I only go about once every 2 years now. I feel ok going once every two years because I went so much in my college program that I hate having to spend so much money to go now lol.


Download the Play Disney Parks App, you can play the Trivia when you are note there! Plus its got cute little maps of the parks.


OMG I miss "Wishes" so much. And I love Resort TV!


I will sometimes just open my disney app to check the wait times too! I thought I was the only one who did that! lol!

Leanne Butterworth 

I like disney, but never been Disneyland, but i have disney movies and t shirts and ornaments.


YES! I'm definitely an addict lol! I plan, plan, plan all year long and love every minute of it! I also watch home videos and other youtube vlogs/videos of Disney related things all the time as well :). One of my daughter's names is Jasmine (she is one of my favorite princesses!), my old cocker spaniel who passed many years ago was named Belle (of course I named her and when I was 11), and my current dog's name is Johnny Depp. Not technically his Disney character's name, but I pretty much was obssessed with him because of Pirates of the Carribbean (as is my mom lol). Wish I could live at Disneyland/DisneyWorld. My dad and I always used to say that every time we would enter Main Street. He passed a few years ago, but I still say it to this day, and the bond my dad and I had over Disney was very special and gives the experience all the more magic! I also get very excited when I meet another Disney fanatic lol!

Gwen Parkhill 

We don't plan to go again until we have another kiddo and both are old enough to enjoy it, but we already know that will be in eight YEARS. And honestly, not a day goes by that I am not planning for and thinking of that vacation eight years away. And not only that, I am planning a second child sooner rather than later so I don't have to push out my Disney trip! Becky, I think have a problem.

Pink Orchid 

Becky I'm right there with you. Living in Fort Lauderdale, we always go at least twice a year to Disney. But what was sad for us this year, we took a hiatus for the first time in 12 years. 😩We are trying to put our home on the market and move and we decided to focus our money, energy and time into purging, decluttering and staging our home instead. So I went into major withdrawals this year when we did not do Disney. I'm already planning in my head our trip for next year and I can't wait. 😳The kids missed it too . I love watching your videos because I always learn something new. 🌷😊 I did not know about the YouTube resort channel, I will definitely be looking that up, thank you! I always save every Little thing from our trips and file them away in folders. Everything from the park guides, our hotel invoices, even receipts from our dinners . I think it's fun to open the folders and go back in time to relive that particular vacation. 💙😀🏰 and our cats are named Nemo & Tigger. 😂😂


Haha, we always play the Soarin' song as we pull into the park property. We are HUGE Disney fans and I'm always planning a trip in my mind, even when I can't go.


There is no doubt, my family is addicted to Disney! We just received a full set of Disney Bread Bun squishies, and they're not cheap! Not to mention we love going to Disneyland 😂

Jennifer Snyder 

Yup. Guilty on all counts. Plus, I follow too many people on YouTube who post days in the park videos. I tend to play our videos of Paint the Night at California Adventure while I make dinner!

Amanda Carroll 

Hi. My name is Amanda, and I'm a Disney addict.😂And our English mastiff pup is named Belle, after our favorite Disney princess.😊

Amy Reindl 

I love your enthusiasm about Disney! I think you even talk faster when you’re talking about it, rather than any of your other passions. I love watching the videos you make! ❤️

Sadly, my husband is anti-Disney. I should have put it in our vows. We’ve been married 21 years, and we have two teenagers, but we’ve never been to Disney together. In my life before husband, I went to Disney twice in California and twice in Orlando. One of the trips to Orlando was a package deal with Disney Cruises. I highly recommend if you’ve never done this! It was amazing. 14 buffets daily. We had bad weather for a couple days, and the crew invented stuff for us to do, like watch one of the chefs create their vegetable art. It’s the most fun trip I can remember. I would definitely be addicted if my husband would ever give it a chance. Sigh. Meantime, I’ll live vicariously through your enthusiastic videos.

Ana Hamm 

Disney addict here ☝🏼

Noemy Mickey 

OMG I didn’t realized I have an addiction until I saw this video I enjoy your videos but most of all I love your Disney video I have 2 dogs their names are of course Mickey & Pluto jajaja I pretty much do everything u mention in this video The only thing I don’t do is the hidden Mickey jajajaja

LeAnns Gotta Plan 

Becky-this was AweSome! SO a Disney-Addict here. All.The.Things-My Disney Experience on my phone, randomly check wait times and weather, Disney resort/park music on every device, watch Disney vlogs, plan next trip before current trip is over, Disney decor throughout the house (not overly obvious)...and one to add-planning Family coordinating (not necessarily matchy-matchy) shirts for each day of the trip. Can we just go NOW please!?!✨

Tink 22 

As I sit here snuggling my dog Nala, I have to chuckle at how accurate this video is #Disneyaddict

janine gutierrez 

We named our cat Belle after Beauty and the Beast!

The Gold Project 

No doubt about it. I am a Disney addict to the core. I have been since I was little. I am right there with the house projects. I want new hardwood floors, but we are trying to save for a trip next year. And, I have the music I listen to quite often.


OMG,I’m so glad to know that I’m not a weirdo😂 I do all those things and yes even check the weather. “My name is Sandra and I am a Disney addict “

Tee Not Tbabi 

Yessss, i am for sure a Disney addict. I watch every YouTube video about planning, although I’ve been before, i like to see how others plan. I still have the mydisney experience app. Especially when Toy Story Land opened. I was curious to see how the wait time affected the crowds. Even when rides are down for refurbishment, i check back everyday to see if the rides or attractions are back up. I love EVERYTHNG about Disney. We changed our trip from May to November because I wanna check out the Mickey Merry Christmas Party. I also can’t wait to try the turn down room service truck that you recommended. Thank you for the videos. I especially loooovveeddd the video about Disney etiquette. I hate when people are on their phones. This is a vacation, recording memories is one thing, but talking, checking emails, scrolling through social media...I hate it!!! Thanks for your tips and tricks. Keep them coming.

Mom of 5 Boys 

I am definitely a Disney World addict!! I relate to all of these except for giving my kids and pets Disney

Lauren Sawyer 

Cute video Becky! :-) I can't say I'm a Disney addict, but I am a huge Disney fan. We're going next Spring and have been planning since last Spring ha!ha! I found your channel through our planning, so that was a good thing! I've learned lots of valuable info from you, so thank you for that. And yes, I have seen those Disney resort in-room TV videos on You Tube. Aren't they the best?!

Mendi Stone 

Yes to all of it! I have Bay Lake weather on my phone. I check wait times constantly. There are so many things my house needs but..... We watch Disney Must Dos 3-4 times a week. We play the resort tv often. We but into other people's conversation if we hear them talking about Disney. We go to the Disney store often to get a "fix". We play, "If you were at Disney right now, which ride would you ride first? Where would you eat?" We see hidden Mickeys when it's not intentionally a Mickey. We are a mess. But a happy, magical mess.

Let Your Faith Be Bigger 

Oh my goodness. So much yes! haha :) . Especially the house projects. I want white cabinets but... DISNEY!!!!

Jessica Blanc 

I do a lot of these things but some of these thing I didn’t even think about lol so thanks for contributing to my Disney addiction. Confession, I buy candles that smell like spots in Disney so I can smell them all year around. 🤤