HOW TO INVEST $5000 ๐Ÿ“ˆ Investing Your First 5000 Dollars



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BETTERMENT: "Passive investing, they manage everything for you."


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LENDING CLUB: "Become the bank and make interest on loans."


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Ryan Scribner 


seรฑor football 

Damn this is only for americans :(


what is roth ira?

Branden Tempelmeyer 

Money is money and the fruit that it's possible isn't there already people doing it don't knock an idea just cause you don't wanna do it


Im 15 what should I do


how do I invest 5ยข


more like Certificate of Depression

Frank Blanco 

I have 7000 dollars

Adirondack Outdoors 

I see that Nukacola poster

Muhammad Sheikh 



Call long term holds

Sit it and forget it

Its Just Gerson 

Iโ€™m 17 and I finally have 5000 dollars saved is there any ways I can email you I got a lot of questions Iโ€™m not looking for answers as an easy way out I need a mentor and your great Iโ€™m just confused all my classmates are into the new trend like what shoes dropped or what street wear is popping I feel like Iโ€™m being brainwashed in school saying education is key I know it is but most of it Iโ€™m not even going to use if I go into business anyone older feel free to show some knowledge or advice

Diego Ortiz 

Iโ€™m 12 and have 10,000 dollars if youโ€™re wandering how I got the money I Breed reptiles I had more but I spent it I want to do something else but I donโ€™t know what to invest it on

Lord Dalron 

So I basically have to make 100,000 to be able to invest 5,000 according to the IRS??

Jacon Loredo 

Enjoyed the video, can you write bigger so I can follow along next time. Thanks!


How do i invest $120,000 so that i dont have to work for a living?

Micah Buzan 

I'm new to this, so thank you so much for this info!!

That's Rich 

Never ever participate in government sanctioned, tax-sheltered savings programs. They are way too restrictive, will hold you back and are designed to keep you sucked tight to the tit of the government or your employer. Also never put your money into CDs or mutual funds or naked long stock positions where you have zero control over success and failure. If you do these things, you are NOT an investor, you are a foolish person. Recommending dividend stocks when equities are at all time highs and dividend yields at all time lows is ridiculous... like handing money over to a fund manager and hoping not to lose. If you want to actually be an investor, spend a couple years learning about personal finance and actual investing. Learn how to leverage your time and money to create cashflow and asset appreciation which you can control the results in. Find mentors in business, paper assets or real estate and learn from them. Volunteer to help them out for free to gain knowledge and experience. Whil

Aiden Smith 

18 and 19? You think thats young? One of my 31 year old mates got into an argument with his 12yo son about taxes, inflation and investing and got completely fucking decemated. The kid pulled out a calculator and fucked him square up the arse.

Elizabeth Becker 

Did you have a video on what to invest in INSIDE your ROTH. It is just a vehicle for investing and you should limit the amount of "trading" you ever do in your Roth or 401k but what do you invest in???


the stock advice is horrible as fuck. theres no reason to invest all 5000 in 1 company you like, or a portfolio of companies only an an industry you like. the point of diversification is to lower risk without reducing return. if u really want your emotions to run your bank account u should at least make a diversified portfolio of multiple companies you like (in different fields) to get that benefit of diversification

SkinnyWhale FPV 

Invest in a small business startup or another income generating asset. Money will be worth far less by the time you have invested this over a long period of time.

Hamid Kadri 

well done and good job

C Flynn 

So now with Robinhood do you still think it's wise not so invest less than $500 on a single stock or do you spread the wealth cause there is no commission.


I'm super hyped man! Great video. I'm feeling motivated and more excited about building wealth.

Miriam Ouma 

Am happy that am watching your video. I have learnt a lot . Thanks alot

Julio Nova 

Thank you so much, Ryan, I have been trying to learn about investing for a while now, but many of the websites and banks are more interested in charging me or getting fees from me than to give me information. Your explanation is simple and understandable. Thank you.

Ray McCarthy 

I thought you traded with Robin Hood?

Ray McCarthy 

I can see AMD being very successful with their new processors eventually making it into computers on the shelves seeing as they're half the price of Intel's and just as good

Ray McCarthy 

I am from Australia. so lost with all this retirement stuff


great advice thanks


Full time plus part time.


lol im 13

Joseph Foltz 

yo, I hear the robinhood app let's your make trades without the comics ion charge. Do you know if this is true?


How do I invest in a stock portfolio? Can I do that through Scottrade?


this is a goldmine. amazing how such a valuable and insightful video can have 5000 views, and then you got video gamers who have millions of viewers. fine with us

Olah Z51 

I'm on FGCKX.