How To Fix Amazon Instant Video Streaming Error (Kindle Fire) (Device Not Configured To Play Videos)


In this tutorial im going to show you How To Fix Amazon Instant Video Streaming Error. Now what this error is is that "Your Device Is Not Configured To Play Videos" with Amazon Instant Video. Reasons your getting this error is because your kindle is "ROOTED." Watch the tutorial above to see how to do a walk around this error n keep your rooted kindle rooted.

Anthony Farmer 

This isn't helpful AT ALL!

rama sane 

Is it safe for your kindle?

D. C. S. 

Amazon and Apple share 1 thing in common. Draconian attitude to their devices. Either you do as we say or we cripple you. These idiots are afraid of competition so much that they will not allow Google Play store. Why? It cuts into their greedy corporate ways.......

Leigh Freeman 

Is this App still available.I can't find it


What do you mean "Mess With Amazon." ?

Tyler Barrett 

Hey, a question. Why would someone want to re-root the device back anyway? Does rooting mess with Amazon?