How to Speed Up Your PC – Windows 10 Disk clean up 💾 DIY in 5 Ep 43


We’re going to teach you clean up some disk space in Windows 10 and speed up your PC. We’ll show you how to do things like empty the recycle bin, move file to an external drive, run Disk Cleanup and disable Hibernate. More available disk space will help your computer run faster.

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If we got rid of these this would go much faster! That’s way better! In this episode of DIY in 5 we’re going to teach you clean up some disk space in Windows 10 and speed up that machine. Before we get started don’t forget to subscribe to see more tips for speeding up your system!

If you’re disk is almost full one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get some performance back is free up space! The fastest way to do that is empty the recycle bin!? What...

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Saludos me gustaria como podria conseguir Disk CleanUap free Download

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There is another reason you may want to disable disk hibernation - in case of a Windows failure and you cannot boot, the only you may access and backup your personal files from the disk, is the file system be fully closed, which it does not happen if you hibernate your disk, With the file system (NTFS) closed, any linux live cd can mount and access your disk and you may copy any file to an external flash drive or hard disk.

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354mb to free. its so weird! Im only downloading files to F: but it always gets my C: to full! I used to install modifications for surtain games but i removed them all. What is going on ?


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Is there a app that will free up your disk space only junk and irellavant things like photos videos temp files log files and that kind of stuff.Please reply


JUSt buy SSD disc :)


What happened if you can’t still reset your windows 10

Plz help

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CLEAN UP Windows 10 | Cleanup Temp, old update, windows.old, duplicate files, old drivers, etc.

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I didn`t have any problems with this super MAC system utility “macvo unique only” (Google it) on my Mac. My gadget is running efficiently now. Your Mac can make the most of its features such as Cleaning, Securing, Optimizing, anti virus, and spyware. I utilize it every 14 days and it keeps my computer operating quick by eliminating digital "junk".

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If you are wondering how to turn off *Hibernation* in Window : Follow these *STEPS* -

1} Go to start menu and search for *cmd*

2} Right click on cmd and click on "Run as Administrator "

3} Type this command - *powercfg.exe /hibernate off*

4} Now press Enter - And your are done close cmd.

5} This should clean a couple of *Gigabytes* from your pc usually the same amount as your *Ram*.

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just right click on your recycling bin and click empty recycling its magic

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One easier way to access the windows 10 disk clean up is to type "Disk Cleanup". Much easier to remember.


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how to speed up your PC? Install linux instead of that piece of trash called windows


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Emptying the recycle bin only deletes the index to the files but until the disk runs out of space so it would usually be still possible to restore those files.

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How to do this on Windows 7

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best way: install a GNU/Linux distro


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If you're wanting to clear out some old files, I've found that the free tool "SpaceSniffer" is really useful. It scans the drive and shows you visually how much space files & folders are taking up. I recommend staying clear of Windows folder etc, stick to "C:\Users\Name\Videos" etc. An example pic of a scanned HDD here;

I also use a tool called "Duplicate File Finder 3.5", you add a path to search, eg. "C:\Users\Name\, and then if will look for any duplicate files. You'd be surprised how many mp3s, images etc it can find.

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Remove %temp% file so


How to speed up your PC:

Buy more RAM.

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