How to Set up the Nokia 8110 2018 Phone and Insert Sim Card and Update the Software


How to insert SIM card 1, SIM card 2, Setup WiFi, Setup Software Update via WiFi, Download Software Update, and Install New Software Update.

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00:21 Take Out Battery and Insert SIM card 1.

01:07 Insert SIM card 2.

01:56 Turn on phone.

02:09 Nokia Tone

02:20 Enter SIM PIN

02:45 Setup Software Update via WiFi & Turn on WiFi

03:46 How to enter uppercase and lowercase letters

04:20 Check Notices

04:40 Software Update Options

05:31 Download Software Update via WiFi

06:49 Install Software Update

Channel:  Robert Wilson
Mohammad Al-Abdullah 

Hi Sir, how can I remove the sim card that is below the SD card?

Zawar Ali 



This is not a Nokia phone. Its camuflashed to look like one. Nothing else. The Software has google assistance and other google products, which makes it - the same tracking sh1t that every smart phone is, on top - the OS is extremly bad - nothing compared to old Nokia software, which is by now the best for PHONE USE.

Daniil Turygin 

How can I place nano sim in this phone?

Ayush Verma 

How to call in this phone

Inshal Naeem 

can we use whatsapp on this phone?

Sourabh Srivastava 

Sir how to change or increase the size of font

r k 

Sir how to install apps from Nokia 8110