How to Search for Wordpress Themes on ThemeForest


Thanks for the tutorial. I am in the process of trying to find a theme for a friend's Barber shops, so this comes in handy. Any additional tips you can offer would also be gratefully appreciated.


Important question , how to search for pre-build themes, I want to buy a package with everything already setup , all you need to do is just to upload and install, change photos and words. I do not like empty themes from Wordpress theme shop need to be customized by myself,


Hello, Thanks for your video, I am new to Wordpress and online development and like to know if I have to just pay once for the theme or every 6 - 12 months to reactive the license from the Envato market?


this was just literally a video of you having a look at a few themes, i came here to find out how to download a theme, set it up to a website, find out the difference between a license and an extended one, this video was 20 minutes of wasted time, you'll get a lot more views actually giving us information instead of just rambling on. i understand you'd make no money if you gave away all your info but this was such a massive waste of fucking time.